What should I do if my smart device loses connection to network?

Updated 04-03-2019 07:52:00 AM
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For some reason, Smart Device may lose connection to network and it will get grayed, then you will fail to control it in Kasa. Here are simple troubleshootings aimed at solving this issue.

Step 1: Check the topology and the status of network

If you cannot control your Smart Device in Kasa, please make sure the front-end router can access the internet, and other clients in the subnet works fine as well. Besides, please confirm if there is any setting changed that could possibly make Smart Device lose wireless connection (you could check that via wireless client list or DHCP list of wireless router). Lastly, please reboot the Smart Device to ensure it turns to be normal.

Step 2: Update the firmware of Smart Device via Kasa

Please assure that your Smart Device is functioning properly now after the troubleshooting in the step 1. Or else, it is suggested to reconfigure the Smart Device if necessary, since the regular connection between device and home network is essential for firmware update. You could refer to How to connect tp-link Smart Bulb to my home network via Kasa to connect your Smart Device back to home network.

After that, please follow the steps below to update firmware:

How to update firmware of Smart Devices in Kasa App?

Please make sure your firmware is the latest.

TroubleshootingWhat should I do if my smart device frequently shows gray on Kasa even though it is the latest firmware?

For smart plug/switch, please note the status of Wi-Fi LED.

If it’s red that means losing connection to your home network.

a. You are advised to confirm the wireless signal (usually between -40dBm~ -70dBm). If you have more than one smart device and one of them is abnormal, please try to change the places of them.

b. Change wireless encryption. The smart devices support WEP/WPA/WPA2-PSK. Also, Make sure your router doesn’t have special settings.

c. If you have tried ways above but no help, please contact support for further help.

If it’s green, at this time you should be able to control it in local, but failed when outside home network.

d. Please make sure your internet access is OK. And the remote function of the smart device is enable.

e. Try to disable the firewall of the router or set DMZ for smart device to test whether the communication port has been blocked.

For smart bulb please test your phone both in/out of home network.

If you are not able to control the bulb no matter in/out of home network, which means losing connection with your home Wi-Fi, you can try the step a, b, c above.

If you only cannot control the bulb remotely, you can try the step d, e above.


For any other problems please don’t hesitate to contact us.