Why my Archer C20i cannot get a high wireless speed as advertised?

 Some customers claimed that after connecting to the Archer C20i, the wireless clients cannot get a high wireless speed even the ISP provide high bandwidth speed, besides, this speed is much lower than the official publicity that 300Mbps over the 2.4GHz band and 433Mbps over the 5GHz.

What causes this issue?
The Archer C20i only has a 100M WAN port, which means the maximum transmission speed is 100Mbps through this port. The WAN port is always connected with ISP line, so even you have a high speed bandwidth from your ISP, you can only get maximum 100Mbps speed in total. This is why even the negotiating speed between wireless clients and the router can get 300Mbps, however, the download or upload speed of the devices is still 100Mbps at most.
What should I do if I have a high demand for wireless speed?
If your bandwidth speed is higher than 100Mbps from your ISP, it’s recommended to consider Archer C9/C8/C7/C5/C2 for your network, because these products all have a 1000Mbps WAN port.
If your bandwidth speed is much lower than 100Mbps, it’s better to choose Archer C20i which does not waste your bandwidth speed, and still can provide a better transmission speed in LAN.
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