Cabo Flexível TL-ANT24PT3

  • Fácil de instalar e usar
  • Fabricado com cabo CFD-200 de 3m de baixa perda que fornece um cabo de alta performance com excelente flexibilidade
  • Macho N para conector macho RP-SMA, aplicável na maioria das conexões entre o AP wireless ou Roteador e uma antena

What This Product Does

The TL-ANT24PT3 pigtail cable is ideal for flexible connection between rigid outdoor cable and wireless access points/routers. It is very easy to use, no configuration or installation software required.
Frequency DC ~ 3GHz
Impedance 50Ω Nominal
Insertion Loss 2.9 dB
VSWR(MAX.) 1.5:1 Max.
Connector Type N Male to RP-SMA Female
Operating Temp. -10℃~+60℃
Storage Temp. -40℃~+80℃

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