Keep Track of Your Energy Use

Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug, Energy Monitoring

Tapo P110M

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Visualized Energy Consumption
Energy Bills Estimation
Matter for All-Round Compatibility
WPA3 Network Security
Voice Control
Remote Control
4 Safety Protection Overload Protection Flame- Retardant Child Safety Shutter Durable & Anti-Rust
Auto-Off Timer

Meet Matter

Matter is an industry-unifying connectivity standard that promises seamless communication among IoT devices across smart home platforms. Unleash the full potential of your smart home with Tapo Matter products.

Learn more about Matter>> Matter Setup Guide>>
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    All-Round Compatibility

    No longer limited to a specific smart home platform. Integrate your Tapo Matter device into your preferred ecosystems*.

    *Requires a hub of your chosen third-party platform.

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    Control Your Tapo Matter devices via multiple platforms at the same time, or through different accounts on a single platform. Share your smart plug with your family members.

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    Reliable & Secure

    Adopting proven encryption algorithms, Tapo Matter devices communicate with other certified devices in the local area network (LAN), leading to lower latency and increased security.

*Requires a hub of your chosen third-party platform.

More Insightful Energy Tracking

Offers more comprehensive insights into home appliances' power consumption with more intuitive and straightforward data visualisations.

Real-Time Power: 100W Past 7 Days Usage 0.2kWh

Estimate Your Energy Bill

Set your electricity rate (supports single or time-of-use billing) to estimate your energy bills. Use Tapo smart plugs to automatically turn on your power-hungry devices during off-peak periods, lowering your energy bills.

Power Station

11:00 PM

Improved Power Safety

Your connected device will automatically shut off when the power usage exceeds the set threshold, protecting your household's safety.

Turn off the space heater
when the power exceeds 1.5 KW.


Set schedules to automatically turn on/off your smart plugs according to your daily routine and preferences.

Auto-Off Timer

Cut off power to the connected device after it is left on for a set time. Works well with curling irons, space heaters, and more, saving energy and reducing fire risks.


Device will auto turn off


Voice Control

Use simple voice commands with Siri®, Alexa, and Google Assistant without leaving your spot.

Hey Siri, turn on the living room lamp.

Remote Control

Manage your connected devices from anywhere with the Tapo app. It’s designed to support your lifestyle and keep your family safe.









  Overload Protection

High Precision chip detects overcurrent.


UL94-V0 PC material minimizes burn risks.

  Child Safety Shutter

Prevent foreign objects from entering the socket.

  Durable & Anti-Rust

High-Quality Nickel-Plated Phosphor Bronze Contacts.

Quality Inspection

CE Certified

UKCA Certified

Safety First

Has undergone rigorous quality inspections to receive CE and UKCA certification. It uses premium UL94-V0 flame-retardant materials to minimize burn risks.


    Quality Inspection


    CE Certified


    UKCA Certified

  • Arrive Home Mode Sleep

    Set Scenes

    Control multiple devices all at once for a customizable scene. Instantly set the perfect ambience for any activity.

  • Away Mode

    Intelligently simulates someone being home by turning the plugged-in device (like a lamp) on and off, making it appear like someone’s home.

  • 2.03 in. 2.85 in.

    Compact Size

    Tapo P110M is built smaller to avoid blocking adjacent sockets, making it convenient for daily use.

Enjoy Easy, Friendly Setup

Tapo offers users multiple options to simplify configuration experiences. Use Bluetooth to easily onboard the smart plug with the Tapo app. Users can also set up Tapo P110M by scanning the included code with any Matter-compatible app, such as the Alexa app, Google Home app, and Apple Home app.

  • Tapo app : Bluetooth Onboarding

    onboard the smart plug using bluetooth
  • Matter-Compatible app: Scan the Matter code

    a phone, a code on the smart plug, the Matter logo

Scan the QR code to download Tapo app:

the qrcode to download the tapo app
logo of tapo app