Experience Daylight
Clarity at Night

Outdoor Security Wi-Fi Camera ColorPro

Tapo C325WB
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Revolutionary Night Vision Technology for Enhanced Clarity


    1/1.79’’ Large Sensor

    2.1 × larger the target surface than 1/3’’ sensor.


    F1.0 Super-Aperture Lens

    Captures 4x the amount of light than F2.0 lens.


    Image Optimization Algorithms

    Tapo advanced high-gained algorithms for higher clarity, brightness and saturation.

Vivid Colors, Vivid Details, even at Night

Tapo C325WB renders vivid colors even under ultra-low light conditions, while the smartphone can only make out darkness. Experience its superiority with daylight clarity during pitch-black nights.


Razor-Sharp Images with Brighter Colors

Compared with other full-color cameras with spotlights/floodlights, Tapo C325WB reveals brighter, more natural colors and clearer images with ColorPro night vision and 2688×1520 resolution.

  • Tapo C325WB ColorPro Night Vision

  • IR Night Vision*

  • Color Night Vision with Floodlights

  • See Further

  • See More Details

See Further, See More Colors

Compared with other full-color night vision cameras, Tapo C325WB won’t be limited to the range of spotlights or floodlights so you can see further and see more colors without dark corners.

Tapo C325WB ColorPro Night Vision Color Night Vision with Spotlights

No Light Reflection/Overexposure

Enjoy clearer views and no more lose details without any spotlights or floodlights causing light reflection or overexposure.

Other Cameras with Floodlights/Spotlights Tapo C325WB

Enhances Your AI Detection

Tapo C325WB can detect people, animals, and vehicles even during pitch-black night. No spotlights needed also means higher accuracy.

Less Missed Events

Detects people hidden in the dark by capturing more light and colors.

Less False Alarms

Reduces false alarms triggered by flying insects, shaking leaves, or flashing light.

A Whole New Night Vision Experience

Unlike other color night vision cameras that utilize spotlights or floodlights, the Tapo C325WB utilizes ColorPro
technology paired with an incredible 2688x1520 resolution to deliver jaw-dropping results in low-light conditions.
Experience more natural colors, brighter images, and clearer pictures even in low light conditions.

Incredible Natural Colors in The Dark

Floodlights limit colors to a small section and IR sensors will only produce black and white images.
With ColorPro, you can see picture that is closer to its natural color during the day.

  • Incredible-Natural-Color,01,20230703203128t

    Tapo C325WB Actual Footage

  • Incredible-Natural-Color,02,20230703203144v

    Floodlight Camera Actual Footage

  • Incredible-Natural-Color,03,20230703203201a

    IR Camera Actual Footage

Amazingly Detailed, Even in The Dark

Washed out or dull images prevent the visibility of finer details. With ColorPro,
pictures are much clearer and more natural, providing better clarity.

  • Amazingly-Detailed,01,20230703203224q

    Tapo C325WB Actual Footage

  • Amazingly-Detailed,02,20230703203240n

    Floodlight Cam Actual Footage

  • Amazingly-Detailed,03,20230703203300d

    Starlight Sensor Cam Actual Footage

No Dark Corners, No Blind Spots

See objects and subjects like never before. ColorPro technology provides superior brightness
throughout the entire frame to ensure that nothing, or no one, is missed.

  • No-Dark-Corner,01,20230703203323j

    Tapo C325WB Actual Footage

  • No-Dark-Corner,02,20230703203340j

    Floodlight Cam Actual Footage

  • No-Dark-Corner,03,20230703203355k

    Starlight Sensor Cam Actual Footage

Extended Vision & Accurate Event Detection

Floodlight and even more advanced Starlight cameras may miss subjects in darker situations.
With ColorPro technology, even subjects in the far corners of the frame can be detected.

  • See-Further,01,20230703203415c

    Tapo C325WB Actual Footage

  • See-Further,02,20230703203429d

    Floodlight Cam: No Event Trigger

  • See-Further,03,20230703203454m

    Starlight Sensor Cam: No Event Trigger

Preserve The Dark,
No Spotlights or Floodlights Necessary

Save More Energy

The Tapo C325WB captures full-color images in ultra-low light conditions without requiring any floodlights to save energy and protect the environment. By choosing the ColorPro camera, you can enjoy high-quality monitoring while doing your part to protect the environment.

Save More Energy

Minimize False Alarms

The Tapo C325WB is designed to minimize false alarms triggered by flying insects or shaking leaves attracted by spotlights or floodlights. You can have peace of mind knowing that you're getting accurate and reliable alerts without any unnecessary disruptions caused by false alarms.

Minimize False Alarms

Free from Distracting Lights

With the Tapo C325WB, you don't have to worry about distracting lights or light pollution that can disturb your peace or affect your neighbors. You can enjoy a clear view of your property without any extra light pollution and minimize neighbor complaints.

Free from Distracting Lights

Built-In Siren with Spotlight Alarm

Customize the activity zone and trigger the built-in siren with the spotlight alarm to scare off unwanted intruders. Utilize the two-way audio to communicate directly with anyone standing outside.

HDR Technology (High Dynamic Range)

Experience uncompromised image quality, even in low light conditions, thanks to advanced HDR technology that ensures perfectly balanced exposure without any over or underexposure.
HDR Technology (High Dynamic Range)

Experience Crystal Clear Vision: Day & Night

  • 2K QHD Crystal-Clear

    2K QHD Crystal-Clear

    The Tapo C325WB delivers crystal-clear and highly-detailed images with a resolution of 2688×1520.

  • TFree AI Detection

    Free AI Detection

    Smart AI identifies people, pets, and vehicles, notifying users as needed. All for free!

  • Weatherproof


    Helps Tapo C325WB perform well even in harsh environments with rain and dust.

  • Wide Field of View

    Wide Field of View

    A wide FOV up to 127° provides a larger detection range covering more space.

  • Cloud and Local Storage

    Local & Cloud Storage

    Save recorded videos to a microSD card† (up to 512 GB) or by using Tapo Care** cloud services.

  • Voice Activated

    Voice Activated

    Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free life.

Dedicated Tapo App

Live view, playback, save clips and set up–all in one app.
Note: Tapo C325WB is not recommended for indoor settings. Turn off HDR for better night vision performance.

Download the Tapo app

Turn on your camera and plug it in

Follow the in-app guide

Note: Tapo C325WB is not recommended to be used indoors. Please install it outdoors at the height of 2m-3m and turn off HDR for better night vision performance in low-light conditions.

microSD card purchased separately. **Subscribe for cloud storage at https://www.tapo.com/tapocare/

Tapo C325WB's animal detection currently supports cats and dogs. More types of animals will be supported in the future.

The comparison image was taken using a phone's camera, and actual images may vary with devices.

*Tapo C325WB does not feature IR Night Vision.