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Panoramic Recording & Privacy Protection

Pan/Tilt AI Home Security Wi-Fi Camera

Tapo C225

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Physical Privacy Mode

Maintains your privacy by blocking the lens with the camera’s own housing.

2K QHD Clear View

With a F1.6 large aperture, Tapo C225 captures more light to create crisper images.

The phone is taking a picture of a light bulb

Smart AI Detection and Notification

Smart AI identifies people, pets, and vehicles while recognizing a baby crying and other sounds, notifying users as needed.

  • Smart AI detects a boy Person

    Human Detection

    Notice everyone moving through your camera’s field of view.

  • Smart AI detects a pet Pet

    Pet Detection

    Know what your fur baby is up to with the Tapo app.

  • A child is crying with a sound wave curve next to it

    Abnormal Sound Detection

    Notifies you when hard sounds are detected.

Beta Function


    Glass Breaking


    Dog Barking


    Cat Meowing


    Vehicle Detection


    Gesture Detection*


    Emotion Detection*

*Coming Soon

Customizable Night Vision

Switch to the 940nm IR invisible LED to watch over your baby without interrupting their sleep.


Starlight Sensor

The highly-sensitive starlight sensor captures higher-quality images even in low-light conditions.

Without Starlight Sensor With Starlight Sensor

Smart Motion Tracking

Precisely tracks and follows a subject, keeping it within the camera’s field of view with up to 120°/s rotating speed.

  • The Tapo-C225's MicroSD card interface and the tapocare app is displayed on the phone

    Flexible Storage Choice

    Save recorded videos on the MicroSD Card†(up to 512 GB) or by using Tapo Care** cloud storage services.

  • a living room

    Activity Zones

    Notifies you when activity is detected in specific zones.

  • A child is crossing a line

    Cross-Line Detection

    Notifies you when something or someone passes a set boundary.

  • A thief was about to open the door and was detected by tapo c225

    Sound and Light Alarm

    Trigger sounds and light as an alarm when motion is detected.

  • There is a 360° icon on the product Tapo C225

    Panoramic View

    Generate a panoramic view by photographing the surrounding environment.

  • A little boy and a dog are standing on high.Tapo C225 says:'Honey! Be careful with that!',and the boy reply:'OK.' OK. Honey! Be careful with that!

    Two-Way Audio

    Enables communication through a built-in microphone and speaker.

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