Make the Seamless Switch to Smart Living

Tapo S210   1-Gang | 1-Way

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    Remote Control


    Voice Control


    Schedule & Timer


    Away Mode


    No Neutral Wire Required


    Low-Battery Reminder


    Works with Sensors


    Hassle-Free Installation

Control from Anywhere

Unsure you turned off the light in the other room? Just check the Tapo app and turn off the lights from the comfort of your bed.

Hands-Free Control

No matter how many boxes you're carrying, just tell your favorite voice assistant to turn on the lights for you.

work with alexa icon work with google home icon
Alexa, turn on the lights!

Set Schedules & Delayed shutoff

A true smart home runs itself. Schedule when your lights turn on to match your daily routine or set a timer for added convenience.

  • A woman is stretching

    Sync your lights to turn on when you wake up.

  • A woman is soaking

    Set your bathroom lights to turn on and off so you know when your 8-minute soak is up.

  • A woman is leaving home

    Give yourself a few more minutes of light before you leave home by delaying shutoff.

Enhanced Experience with Smart Actions

With Smart Acitons, your Tapo devices work seamlessly together to create a smarter home.
Trigger your switch when motion is detected with the Tapo Motion Sensor.
Group lights and devices onto one switch to control the entire room with a single tap.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • No Neutral Wire Required Hot / Line Lin Lout

    No Neutral Wire Required

    Works in every home without needing to rewire.

  • Tool-Free Battery Replacement

    Tool-Free Battery Replacement

    Allows you replace the batteries by yourself without seeking help from an electrician.

No One Needs to Know You’re Away

Forget about leaving a light on for hours while you’re out and about. Away Mode lets your switch turn a light on and off like someone’s actually home. This deters burglars while saving energy.

Designed for Every Home

Most smart switches require a neutral wire, but Tapo doesn’t. Experience every smart feature without paying an electrician to rewire your whole home.

Great Compatibility. No Flickering.

Supports all common types of light bulbs under 1000 W, with no minimum load requirement. No flickering can be guaranteed.

Designed for All Family Members

The Tapo Smart Switch keeps things simple with manual control. Perfect for those who prefer the good old times or those too young for their own phone.

Setup Made Simple

Once you've installed the Tapo app and followed its in-app guide, replace your traditional switch and pair with a Tapo Hub (H100) to begin using your smart switch.

Download the free app

Follow the in-app guide

Install and pair the switch to H100

Part of the Tapo Ecosystem

To experience the full features of your Tapo,
connect it to a Tapo Hub (H100) for a truly connected home.