Smart Motion Sensor

Light Up
Every Room
You Walk In

Tapo T100

    Motion Detection


    Works with Tapo Devices


    Sensitivity Control


    Flexible Awareness Zone


    Magnetic Mounting

Hands-free Control

No more fumbling in the dark. Your hallway or bedroom lights turn on automatically as you pass by the sensor without having to flip a switch or say a word.

Motion Control an Entire Room

Create a Smart Action to automate your smart devices and activate them all with motion. Customize your own Smart Actions to group your Tapo products together any way you want.

Guard Your Home While You’re Away

The motion sensor can trigger an alarm to deter intruders if it notices anything amiss when you’re not home. Receive a notification on your phone as soon as motion is detected.

*Tapo Hub sold separately.

Adjustable Sensitivity

The sensor captures motion up to 7 meters away with a 120° field of view. Adjust the sensitivity to 3 different levels to tailor your detection coverage and filter out false triggers.

  • 3 Meters
  • 5 Meters
  • 7 Meters

Flexible Sensor Angle

Freely rotate the sensor to the ideal angle and adjust the detection zone to avoid accidental activations by your fur babies.


Long-Lasting Performance

2-year battery life provides long-lasting convenience. *

*Based on our testing of 50 triggers a day, 25000 triggers in total.

Versatile Mounting Options

Install the sensor anywhere in your home quick and easy. Whether on a shelf, wall, or ceiling, the provided adhesive gets the job done. Plus, the additional magnetic mount offers even more flexibility.

All in One App

Experience your next-level smart home with the Tapo line all in a single app. Create a more secure, convenient, and comfortable living space for you and your loved ones.