The Infinity of Space, Activated by Colors

Smart Wi-Fi Spotlight, Multicolor

Became L630

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350 Lumens, Tunable White, Multicolor

Tapo L630’s flexible controllability gives a fresh meaning to smart life. You could easily adjust the brightness & color temperature, and switch among 16 million colors, based on the varying demands. Try to click the buttons below to see the instant effects of Tapo Smart Spotlights.

Turn it on
Feel the arts of light
2,200-6,500 K
16 Million Colors

Match Any Embedded Downlight

The universal GU10 light fittings lead to the great convenience on spotlight installation. It’s simple for any starter to set it up on their owns.

Grab the Attention

Emitting a close-up partial lighting, Tapo L630 lights up the specific zone, perfect for displaying your favorite handicraft, art design, mock up, etc. It works not only to engage the audience, but reveal more great details as well.

Superior Lights for Large Public Space

When mounted in some mass audience venues, Smart Spotlight would show its strengths that make it widely used as an energy-saving illumination option. It reaches a well balance between light intensity and overall gentle effect in the space.

  • Exhibition Display

    Exhibition Display

  • Canteen Vibe

    Canteen Vibe

Switch to Ambient Mode

To get relaxed entirely, you could try adjusting the Smart Spotlight’s brightness value to extremely low. It will give all of you the peace of mind at home.

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7 Lumens Gentle Lighting

Schedule & Timer

Easily Manage Your Life

Create regular schedules and countplans to turn on/off with the brightness you set. Sunrise and sunset modes allow the spotlight to activate automatically according to your time zone.

Bedtime After 30min
Bedroom 5% brightness
Wake up 7:00am
Bedroom 80% brightness

Alexa, turn on the lights!

Hands-Free Voice Control

Use simple voice commands to turn the spotlight on and off, or set the scene for reading, movie time, or a party, without any big body movement.

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Group Control of Multiple Devices

Group your Smart Spotlights in one space for seamless control in brightness, colors, and more. And switch your lights and other devices on and off altogether.


Greener Smart Lifestyle

Powered by energy-saving features, Tapo L630 enables the grouping operation of 20-30 spotlights, with low energy usage and financial burden for you.

energy saving features
  • Energy Efficiency Grade:
  • Power Consumption:
    3.7 W
  • Super-Low Standby Power:
    < 0.2 W
  • Energy Monitoring on Tapo App

Unlock the Potential of Tapo Smart Home

Discover the advancement of Smart Home devices, crafted by Tapo, and you will be impressed by the automated & integrated experience.

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