Intelligent Energy Monitoring At Your Fingertips

Smart Wi-Fi Socket, Energy Monitoring

Tapo P110

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    Voice Control


    Schedule & Timer


    Remote Control


    Energy Monitoring


    Group Control


    Local Control


    Away Mode


    Share to Family




    Easy Setup

Smart Control from your Mobile Device

Manage your connected devices from anywhere with the Tapo app. It’s designed to support your lifestyle and keep your family safe.









No Internet, No Problems

Control your connected devices through your Tapo app, even when the Internet is down. Your schedules will continue, regardless of connections.

Voice Control

Hands-free convenience, better than ever.

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Save Money and Energy

Monitor real-time power consumption and energy spend via the Tapo App.
Save smarter by managing your appliances for when electricity is cheaper.

Live Smarter with Smart Schedules

Schedules and Timers let you live a more intelligent, convenient, and environmentally friendly life.
Have connected devices on and off only when you need them.


    Turn off the phone charger after 2 hours.

    Save energy and protect devices even when you fall asleep


    Switch on the fan at 18:10.

    Have a lovely cool room before you get home.


    Switch off the lamp at 22:00.

    Get ready for bed and live a healthy lifestyle.

Group Devices For
One-Tap Control

Combine several devices under one group, so your smart plug works with other Tapo smart devices. Turn them all on or off with one action – no need for repeated actions anymore.


    Sleep Mode


    Leave Home Mode


Mighty Features and Compact Size

Tapo P110 is built small to leave adjacent sockets open, making it convenient for daily use.


Power-Off Memory

No Power? No Internet Connection? No Worries! Your routines will continue.

Default Status

Once the power or connection returns, your Tapo smart plug can take on a specific power status:

— Previous power status (default)
— Off (ideal for the heater)
— On


Guaranteed Safety

  • Flame-retardant material UL94-V0 PC keeps you and your family safe.

  • Child-proof and tamper-proof design ensures no accidental electric shocks.

  • Nickel plated, anti-rust design provides more durable design and stable connections.

  • Under strict quality inspection by CE, UKCA certifications.


    Fireproof Material


    Childproof Outlet


    & Anti-Rust


    Quality Inspection


Share to Families

Not limited to single control, family members can directly share management permissions with each other, saving time and enhancing user-friendliness.


Safety At Home, While Away

Away Mode simulates someone being at home. Deter thieves and those of ill intent with plugged-in devices turning on and off at scheduled times.


Enjoy Easy, Friendly Setup and Use

Unique onboarding technology makes setup steps simpler for faster connection (within 20 seconds),

*No separate hub or accessories required

*Compatible with iOS 9.0 or higher and Android 4.3 or higher

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