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Q1: What is Omada SDN platform?

A: Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including access points, switches and gateways, providing 100% centralized cloud management. Omada creates a highly scalable network—all controlled from a single interface. Seamless wireless and wired connections are provided, ideal for use in hospitality, education, retail, offices, and more.

Suggest accessing the below link to know more about Omada SDN.


Q2: What is the difference between Omada SDN solution and previous Omada’s network?



Omada’s network

Omada SDN solution

Managed devices

Omada EAP

Omada EAP, Safestream Gateway, Jetstream switch

Controller type

Software controller (Windows & Linux), OC200/OC300

Software controller (Windows & Linux), OC200/OC300, Cloud-based controller


Provide centralized management for EAP, supports fast roaming, band steering, mesh, portal and so on.

Inherited the features of Omada’s network, and support to configure for gateway, including Internet, LAN Network, ACL, URL Filtering, VPN, Routing, NAT, Session Limit, Bandwidth Control, Portal and so on.

And support to configure for switch, including 802.1Q VLAN, ACL, 802.1x, IGMP Snooping, STP and so on. And there are also more rich data statistics and monitoring functions.


For Omada SDN controller, there are also the below new features.

1. Brand new UI and style to provide high-efficiency, rapid and comprehensive network settings and maintenance functions.

2. Add brand new Dashboard interface to monitor network operation in real time.

3. Add Statistics interface to monitor devices and show the statistics of network operation data.

4. Add Topology interface to generate the network topology automatically.

5. Add Insight interface to view the detailed network history data.

6. Add Logs interface that supports 100+ types of logs and custom warning level of logs.

7. Add Reboot Schedule and PoE Schedule and support to set different schedules for each device.


Q3: If I am using the old Omada controller, can I upgrade to Omada SDN controller?

A: Yes, we can upgrade the old Omada controller to Omada SDN controller. But Omada SDN controller has the minimum compatible version for the old controller and EAP. To ensure upgrade successfully, it’s strongly recommended to follow the Upgrade Guide.


Q4: Why my settings are lost after upgrading my devices to the version that supports Omada SDN platform?

A: For OC200 and EAP, when you upgrade to the version that supports Omada SDN platform, they will lose the original configuration, because Omada SDN platform adds many new features and some functions have been changed. So it’s strongly recommended to back up the configuration before upgrading. For OC200, we still can import the backup file to restore some functions that haven’t been changed.   


Q5: Why can’t I manage my EAP after upgrading to Omada SDN controller?

A: Omada SDN Controller can configure and manage only the certain devices with supported firmware. We need to make sure your device is compatible with Omada SDN Controller. We can access the compatibility list to check if the EAP support Omada SDN platform.

For the below EAPs, they are compatible with Omada SDN platform but need to upgrade to the corresponding firmware. The old firmware version may not support Omada SDN controller.


Q6: If my network has the EAP that isn’t compatible with Omada SDN platform, can I still use Omada SDN solution?

A: If you still want to make all EAPs be manage by the same Omada controller, it’s recommended to keep using the old Omada controller. If you can receive to manage the incompatible EAPs separately, then you can use the old Omada controller to manage the incompatible EAPs while use the Omada SDN controller to manage the latest EAPs.


Q7: Why my Omada controller cannot manage the latest EAP?

A: Please refer to the FAQ that has a detailed answer and solution.


Q8: Can my gateway and switch be managed by Omada SDN controller?

A: Omada SDN controller can only manage the TP-LINK gateway and switch. We can access the compatibility list to check if the gateway and switch support Omada SDN platform.

PS: Supported models may be added in the future.


Q9: Can I downgrade OC200 or EAP from Omada SDN version to the old version?

A: Yes, OC200 and EAP both support to downgrade. For OC200, we can downgrade manually in Controller Settings->Maintenance menu. For EAP, downgrade through controller or under standalone mode.

Note: OC200 doesn’t support manual upgrade through cloud access way. So we need to downgrade OC200 in its local network.


Q10: What are the supported operating system for Omada SDN Controller software?

A: As of now it supports Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/Server. Supporting 64-bit Linux operating system, including Ubuntu 14.04/16.04/17.04/18.04, CentOS 6.x/7.x and Fedora 20 or above, Debian 9.8. Mac OSX is not supported at present.


Q11: Why can’t I run Omada SDN controller on Linux system?

A: Omada SDN controller support to install on Linux system, but please note that the installation package for Linux hasn’t built-in Java 8 and MongoDB server. If your Linux system lacks Java 8 and MongoDB server as well, then cannot run Omada SDN controller. You need to install them by yourself. And Omada SDN controller supports Java 8 and MongoDB 3.0.15-3.6.18.


1. Please install “jsvc” and “curl” first before you run the Omada Controller, or you cannot run it successfully. You can use “apt-get install jsvc” and “apt-get install curl” to install them.

2. This software also needs to use netstat command, if your operation system doesn’t have net-tools (which includes netstat command), you can use “apt install net-tools” to install net-tools.


Q12: Can I run Omada SDN controller and Omada controller at the same time?

A: We cannot run Software Omada SDN controller and Omada controller on the same computer. But we can run the old Omada controller and Omada SDN controller on two devices at the same time in the same subnet. It means that we can use the old Omada controller to manage the EAPs that don’t support Omada SDN while use Omada SDN controller to manage the devices that support Omada SDN.


Q13: Why my Omada APP cannot manage my Omada SDN controller?

A: Omada SDN controller requires Omada APP 3.0.x or above. If you are using Omada APP 2.x.x, then you cannot manage Omada SDN controller, please upgrade your APP.



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