Używam modemu kablowego Arris TG862. Dlaczego Deco nie może połączyć się z chmurą TP-Link?

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Updated 10-23-2019 13:13:30 PM
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Customer who’s got an Arris TG862 cable modem, having their Deco connected to the back of the modem, finding it impossible to setup the Deco via the Deco APP, it always fails at “Creating your Wi-Fi network”, comes back with an error saying “Failed to connect to TP-Link cloud”.

We tested and verified this was related to the TG862’s Firewall settings. The Deco uses port 50443 and 60443 to register itself to the TP-Link Cloud, while these two ports are blocked by the TG862’s firewall.


1, temporarily adjust TG862’s firewall level to “Minimum Security”.

How to: Login the TG862’s web management interface, select Gateway->Firewall->IPv4.

Having trouble to open the Arris modem management page, please visit here

2, in next firmware update, the Deco will use different ports to avoid this issue.