How to configure Bandwidth Control of TP-Link Wireless N 4G LTE Router in Standard Wireless Router Mode (new logo)?

Configuration Guide
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Here takes TL-MR6400 as demonstration.

1. Please refer to How do I log into the web-based Management Page of TL-MR6400 (new logo)?

2. Go to Bandwidth ControlControl Settings, and then you can configure the Egress Bandwidth and Ingress Bandwidth in the next screen. For optimal control of the bandwidth, please select the right Line Type and ask your ISP for the total bandwidth of the egress and ingress.

Enable Bandwidth Control - Select this box so that the Bandwidth Control settings can take effect.

Line Type - Select the right type for you network connection. If you don’t know how to choose, please ask your ISP for the information.

Egress Bandwidth - The upload speed through the WAN port.

Ingress Bandwidth - The download speed through the WAN port.

3. Go to Bandwidth ControlRule List, and then you can view and configure the Bandwidth Control rules in the screen below.

Description - The information of description include address range, the port range and protocol of transport layer.

Egress Bandwidth - The max upload speed which through the WAN port, default number is 0. Ø Ingress Bandwidth - The max download speed which through the WAN port, default number is 0.

Enable - Rule status, show whether the rule takes effect.

Modify - Click Modify to edit the rule. Click Delete to delete the rule.


To add/modify a Bandwidth Control rule, follow the steps below.

1. Click Add New…, you will see a new screen as shown below.

2. Enter the information. Here takes the following as an example.

IP Range - Enter the IP address. The field can be single IP address or IP address range according to your demands. When you enter a single IP address, the computer with this IP address will get independent given bandwidth. When you enter an IP address range, all computers in the range will share the given bandwidth.

Port Range - The default port range of TCP protocol or UDP protocol is from 1 to 65535. No need to change the default settings unless it’s necessary.

Protocol - Keep the default setting. Or you can choose the TCP protocol or UDP protocol or both of them.

3. Click Save.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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