TP-Link Builds Reliable and Stable WiFi Network for JFL Living in Brazil



Name: JFL Living

Industry: Hospitality

Capacity: 40 Apartments + 7 Common Areas

Location: São Paulo, Brazil


Used Products

• Omada Access Points

47× EAP225

• Omada Controller

1× OC200



JFL Living is devoted to the high-end real estate rental market, reinforcing its positioning of care, stripped luxury, and efficiency with competitive cost. The company has more than 600 units in residential properties for rent. Its common areas and apartments are decorated with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, but also full of authentic Brazilian style. Located in São Paulo, JFL Living projects are designed for those who do not give up design but cannot imagine themselves without practicality and functionality. Attention to details, practicality, and careful services makes JFL Living a unique experience.



JFL Living had a new motel under construction and turned to TP-Link for support of building reliable networks that would meet the following requirements:

  • Stable and secure wired and wireless networks to all the guests and employees.
  • Complete WiFi coverage in all areas of every private apartment and common area.
  • Simplified and reliable network operation and maintenance.
  • Secure WiFi access with multiple authentication options and abundant WiFi encryption technologies.



For the new properties of JFL Living, TP-Link had offered the Omada series products for multi-tenant WiFi solutions with both high performance and effective costs.

Centralized Cloud Management

All EAPs are managed centrally by the Omada Hardware Controller OC200. It offers free cloud access to organize the internet easily, so IT staff can keep track of the network status anywhere, anytime.


Superior WiFi Performance

Equipped with professional antennas and power amplifiers, the ceiling mount EAPs deliver superior WiFi performance, covering all the indoor and outdoor areas to ensure an uninterrupted user experience.


Reliable and Simultaneous Connections

Supported the 802.11ac Wave 2 MU-MIMO technology, the EAPs are able to communicate with multiple devices at the same time, providing a larger network capacity to more guests.


Simplified Network Deployment

The Omada EAP Series support PoE for flexible installation. There is no need to install additional wiring in the building. Simply plug in your existing Ethernet cables and all is set.


Wireless Network Authentication

Multiple authentication options are provided such as Facebook WiFi, SMS, and Voucher to ensure safe WiFi access and secure network activities. IT staff can classify employees and students via voucher codes, login accounts, or other verified information.



The management and customers of JFL Living are satisfied with TP-Link’s solution.

In total, they:

  • Enjoy the secure and private WiFi without worrying about security issues and information leakages.
  • Enjoy high-speed and seamless WiFi in all areas of the motel with less lag and buffer.
  • Enjoy an optimized network experience and pay less attention to network maintenance or troubleshooting.


Through this project, TP-Link has improved its brand awareness in business services with one-stop solutions and impressive product quality. The clients are more aware of TP-Link’s product capability, accumulated experiences, and deep local expertise to fulfill business demands. Opportunities for future cooperation are expected.


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