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Ways To Get Outdoor WiFi

By len.javeloza

WiFi is no longer just an option but has become necessary in outdoor environments, whether when you have a party, work in your garden, or wirelessly connect outdoor cameras or outdoor speakers. Unfortunately, indoor routers or access points cannot provide a smooth WiFi experience outdoors due to limited coverage areas and poor signal attenuation. You need to install outdoor WiFi access points to remedy the stated problems.

Traditional extenders and WiFi boosters are often insufficient to extend your WiFi outdoors. In addition, changes in network names complicate your network, requiring you to manually change your WiFi settings each time you move from the router to the extender. The bandwidth and quality are also compromised as you move to the extender. Another crucial factor for the poor quality of your outdoor WiFi connection is the existence of thick walls, mirrors, and windows, which interfere with WiFi signals. Alternatively, running networking wires from inside to outside is complicated and can be more damaging.

Outdoor WiFi, especially in the upcoming years, will become a staple as people shift to working remotely and enjoying a more digital lifestyle. With this in mind, you need to consider your outdoor environment, the range of your WiFi connection, and other factors before installing your outdoor one. 

Factors For Outdoor WiFi

Before deciding to install your outdoor WiFi connection, the factors you need to consider are:

  • Outdoor Environment. The outdoor environment is always the first thing to consider. Normally, it is easy to erode WiFi; also, common WiFi extenders and routers are tricky to put to work in harsher outdoor environments.
  • WiFi Range. The devices you use need to be able to reach and cover all the outdoor areas you need. In addition, they need to connect seamlessly. 
  • Installation Method. Easy installation is necessary to get good quality outdoor WiFi. PoE is required to transmit data and power through a single Ethernet cable; it is also a factor you need to consider if you want to extend the WiFi connection and range.
  • Management. To deploy multiple WiFi access points, you must focus on managing your WiFi. Centralized management greatly benefits the maintenance, especially if using multiple outdoor WiFi access points.
  • WiFi Speed. Smooth WiFi without buffering is crucial. It becomes even more important, especially when dozens of clients are connected to the network. 

Getting Your WiFi Outdoors

For better connectivity and easy entertainment, outdoor WiFi is the way to go. Ways to get your WiFi outdoors include: 

  • Move your router. This is the easiest and most budget-friendly way to get outdoor WiFi. The first step to extending WiFi to the backyard is to check if it is possible that you can move your router closer to where you want to use the internet. With a longer cable, your router can be more mobile inside your home. In addition, it can be placed where it will broadcast the WiFi signal to your desired area. Keep your router away from heat sources (away from direct sunlight) and in an area that has good circulation to prevent overheating. Avoid placing it in areas with physical barriers, such as trees and walls.
  • Use a WiFi extender. Using a WiFi extender is also a surefire and budget-friendly solution to getting your WiFi outdoors quickly. A WiFi extender draws your WiFi signal and broadcasts it to a wider area. A WiFi extender connects to your router and then repeats the same network signal (SSID) over a broader area. 
  • Get a Mesh WiFi device. A mesh WiFi device functions as if you have multiple WiFi extenders. By plugging "nodes" into multiple points around your home, mesh network systems give your whole home WiFi coverage with a strong and accessible signal. 

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You can get a great outdoor WiFi connection working in several ways, especially if you want to cover a large area within your home. Some important things that you need to consider when deploying your WiFi outdoors are the range of your WiFi as well as your WiFi speed and the outdoor environment.  

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