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EasyMesh Explained

By len.javeloza

The standardization of Wi-Fi technology makes devices easier to connect to the internet. Using Wi-Fi under a secure connection makes better browsing. People now use lots of data to browse online.  

On the other hand, the router handles many devices connected to the internet. Wi-Fi today needs a single network connection to handle the traffic. Fortunately, there is EasyMesh, a standard certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance. With this technology, the router can experience multiple AP networks in one connection. 

Here is how EasyMesh works with your home Wi-Fi. 

An Overview of EasyMesh

EasyMesh optimizes existing networks by synchronization. It is a standards-based approach for interconnectivity between APs. EasyMesh R2 is the current version of EasyMesh. It uses a shared network for devices to bridge the gap. For example, many Wi-Fi extenders communicate in one network via EasyMesh.

Components of EasyMesh

There are three components of EasyMesh. They are:

  • Device - The device is the main component of EasyMesh. It contains the agent, controller, or both in one unit. 
  • Agent - Agents are the connectors of the mesh. If one agent is missing, the network will not work efficiently. 
  • Controller - The controller is an essential component. Although it can be a separate component, you must embed it in the router for various access points.

If one component is missing in the mesh, the network experiences faulty connections. As a result, the strength weakens in the network in all devices. Therefore, you must maintain these components religiously. 


EasyMesh reduces complex communications between devices to multi-vendor gateways. The diagnostics and enhancements will interconnect, so the connection maintains the best performance. Legacy and new devices will continue connecting with the network, including Wi-Fi 6. It is why routers now include EasyMesh for better connectivity. 


Metrics are an important aspect of EasyMesh devices. The numbers will show how the network measures across many connected devices. These metrics include:

  • Signal strength
  • Downlink speed
  • Number of access points

Benefits of EasyMesh Wi-Fi

Having EasyMesh in your home network brings many benefits. It aims to improve user experience in the network by reducing bandwidth bottlenecks. Here are some of the key benefits you will gain:

Connection Prioritization

Some devices do not need the same network connection. EasyMesh guides the devices to the best network when you have a low latency device. As a result, there will be no interference. 

Ensure that the connection you have does not interfere with other devices. Sometimes, the quality of the connection makes or breaks your browsing experience.

Increases Network Capacity

The current Wi-Fi by ISPs has a limit. It is possible to increase the capacity for more devices. Fortunately, the network is compatible with the latest technology, such as Wi-Fi 6. It supports many services and devices as long as the connectivity stays consistent. 

Easy Setup and Scalability

Once the mesh is up and running, you can connect the AP to all devices and vendors. It only needs a network connection that has little intervention. You can make the setup secure by implementing QR codes or passwords for the network. 

Dynamic Channel Selection
Channels are essential in each AP network. Through EasyMesh, the AP switches channels based on the current optimization. As a result, network performance improves on all devices.  

Get The Best EasyMesh Wi-Fi With TP-Link

EasyMesh Wi-Fi brings synchronization to all connected devices. It is interoperable with new and legacy devices that can still connect to the network. When you have EasyMesh, you gain a better online browsing experience.

You can get the latest EasyMesh technology through TP-Link. TP-Link is the leading network company that provides the latest technologies in Wi-Fi. The company offers a wide range of products, from routers to extenders, meshes, and more. Check out the available products on our website today!  


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