True School Project of the Thailand ISP Requires TP‑Link WiFi Network Solution



Name: True (School Project)

Industry: ISP & Education

Capacity: 300 Branches

Location: Thailand


Used Products

• Omada Access Points




As education develops rapidly, the market expands as the academic population grows, but nevertheless, students and parents have much more choices with the ever-increasing number of local schools. In order to stand out from the pack, any modern education institution should focus on delivering an excellent experience as well as plain knowledge. In other words, the campus is deemed as a cozy home and a wonderland rather than mere classrooms and corridors.

Nowadays demand surges for better network facilities in the Thai education industry. As the top internet service provider in Thailand, True focuses on providing reliable network solutions for local schools. For years, True has gained experience in supplying quality communication service and earned its reputation. True divides its business into three sections, which are under fast development and all successful, as shown in the following table.



Service Description

Market Performance

True Move

Mobile services in 4.5G/4G

26.2 Million subscribers, 26% market share in Thailand

True Online

Gigabit internet, streaming, and fixed-line phone service

3 Million subscribers, 40% market share, No.1 Broadband operator in Thailand

True Vision

Ultimate HD home entertainment

4.1 Million subscribers, No.1 TV provider in Thailand



Advanced technology has been merged seamlessly into modern teaching approaches and has caused ever far-reaching effects in the education industry. A massive and efficient local wireless network connects phones, tablets, PCs, projectors, and even smart blackboards among other electronic devices. One can easily imagine professors handing out e-books, presentation slides, and tutorial videos anytime as they wish, and students could flexibly hand in homework at the tip of their fingers. An active stream of information constantly flows within the campus and reaches out to the internet. As a result, communication infrastructure becomes an integral component for the institution to fulfill its daily tasks.

Contrary to the ever-growing demands, legacy network equipment can no longer bear the burden of massive amounts of data from various live devices and video resources. Users fail to connect to WiFi simultaneously and regard it as not reliable enough. To overhaul the system, reliability is the paramount requirement. As the budget is limited, True needed to strike the balance between network performance and economic efficiency.



True resorts to TP-Link WiFi network solution that they fully trust, and so far, has engaged in building communication infrastructure for over 300 schools nationwide. True deploys over ten thousands EAP225's in total to implement business-class WiFi networks at an affordable price.


Superior WiFi Speeds with MU-MIMO Technology

EAP225, the Gigabit Ceiling Mount Access Point, integrates the advanced 802.11ac MU‑MIMO technology. Traditional APs send data to one device at a time, which causes more latency; whereas MU-MIMO APs are able to transmit data to multiple devices simultaneously, which guarantees high-speed and satisfactory performance even in scenarios where crowded clients transmit intense traffic.

Easy and Flexible Deployment

EAP225 supports both 802.3af/at PoE and Passive PoE power supply, which can be either powered by a PoE switch or the provided PoE adapter, making deployment effortless and flexible.

Convenient Centralized Management Platform

A vast number of Devices at different sites are easily managed using one Software Controller deployed on a server in Bangkok, so the network administrator is able to configure devices in batches, monitor network performance centrally, and troubleshoot any error with higher efficiency.



Our TP-Link partner cooperated intimately with the business manager in implementing the network solution. The overall WiFi performance on the campuses improved significantly. TP‑Link products helped those schools gain a competitive advantage over others, and the ISP has earned more reputation in the community.


Theerakanbanhong School

Wachirapasang School

Patanwittaya School



“TP-Link gave excellent technical support regarding the configuration of a captive portal and rate limit. It was especially great that our partner had a good connection with a personal contact person for all questions. TP-Link has earned a trusted relationship with customers. Further projects with these companies are expected in the future.”

—— The Business Owner


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