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Warranty & RMA Policy

A. Warranty

1. TP-Link provides 3 years warranty to our selected models purchased starting from the date 1 June 2017 based on the S/N (serial number) or the purchase invoice date.

Note: The first two numbers of S/N (11characters) or the first three numbers of S/N (13 characters) means produce/purchase year and the following number, means produce/purchase month. ”A” means OCT,”B” means NOV,”C” means DEC.

2. If you make a phone call to our Service Support Line 1800 22 8887, we’ll try our best to solve the problems over the phone. 

3. No international warranty

4. *Product accesories such as power adapters, ethernet cable, USB adapter only entitled 3 months warranty. 

5. In accordance with real-time inventory for warranty

Products Category Products in Category Warranty Period
Home Whole Home Wi-Fi/Mesh Wi-Fi /Deco 3 Years
Wi-Fi Router
Adapters/USB Adapters
Access Points
Range Extenders
Powerline Adapters
Smart Home Smart Plugs 2 Years
Wire-Free Doorbell
Indoor/Outdoor Wired Cameras
Wire-Free Cameras Wire-Free Smart Cameras 2 Year
Solar Charging Panel Solar Charging Panel (for Wire-Free Cameras) 1 Year
Battery (Removable/Pack) Wire-Free Camera Battery 6 month
Robot Vacuums Robot Vacuums 1 Year
Robot Vacuum Accessories Brushes, Mop Pads, Filters, Boundary Tape 1 Year
Smart Home Sensors 1 Year
Smart Home Hub
Home Class Accessories USB Hubs/Port Hubs 2 Years
USB Converters/USB to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Business-Class Switches (Non-TP-Link Omada) w/ Steel Chassis  2 Years
w/ Plastic Chassis 
LiteWave Switches w/ Steel Chassis 
w/ Plastic Chassis 
TP-Link ViGi Surveillance VIGI camera with metal chassis 2 Years
VIGI camera with plastic chassis
TP-Link Optical Networking  ONU 3 Years
OLT and Line Card
B2B Omada 5 Years

*Robot Vacuum only for Repair

XZ000-G3 | XC220-G3v | XX230v (3 years)


For below conditions, we will not provide warranty , please kindly check and take care:

1. Product is physical damaged, lightning strike, watered, burned or other manmade damaged.

2. Model is opened, or serial number, missing, or parts of the model missing


1. Contact us through our technical support email :, our representative will reply to you.

2. If you make a phone call to our Service Support Line 1800 22 8887, we’ll try our best to solve the problems over the phone. 

Distributors and dealers have to follow the above points, and do necessary testing while receiving the peripherals from cusumer.TP-Link engineer will retest ll RMA models, we will do warranty the product once after we confirmed, but if we test and find it’s a good one, we will return it back to the customer.

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