How to configure the TP-Link wireless adapter working as a Soft AP with new utility

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Updated 09-27-2019 08:49:52 AM
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 A software access point is used when you want your computer to act as an access point for the local wireless network. It saves you the trouble of getting a separate wireless router.

In the above illustration, the Desktop is equipped with an Ethernet adapter (Adapter A) and a wireless adapter (Adapter B). Adapter B on the Desktop works as a soft AP, and it is NAT to adapter A. The Laptop can wirelessly connect to the Desktop (AP) as a client, and share the Desktop´s Internet connection.
Condition: You have a computer which can access to the internet through the Ethernet adapter or another wireless adapter, here we take the Ethernet adapter connection as an example.
Configuration steps:
Note: Some adapters support Soft AP on windows 7 and 8, but windows 10 doesn't support it.
Step1: Install the driver and TP-Link Wireless Configuration Utility  for the wireless adapter with adaminstrator rights on the computer.
Step 2: Open the TP-Link Wireless Configuration Utility.
Step 3: Go to Advanced: Select On for SoftAP mode
A window pops up and click on OK
A Soft AP configuration Menu shows on the top of the Utility.
On the computer, an icon like ‘Wireless Network Connection 21 ’for the Soft AP shows (For windows 7 computer, you can see this icon under change adapter settings page):
Step 4: Go to Soft AP:  Select the Internet Connection Sharing to Local Area Connection.  Create a SSID you like, (Here set as ABC), make up your wireless Security KeyNormally, the WPA2-PSK is recommended for Security Type and set the Encryption Type as AES. If you have set a Security key, please remember it.
Click on Apply, a confirm window like below pops up:
Click on OK. In the IP address, a valid IP address like shows.
Test the result: Open the wireless function on the wireless devices, search for the wireless network name ABC, select it, type in the wireless security key and connect to it. Then you can access to the internet.
If you faile to use Soft AP withe new utility please refer to How to set up a Mobile Hotspot or Soft AP on Windows 10? for a try.
Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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