Vivid Series 6700mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank TL-PBG6700

  • A Remarkable Ultra Compact Power Bank
  • Premium LG Battery Cell
  • High Energy Efficiency Rate
  • TP-LINK Smart Charging Technology
  • Ultra Fast Charging and Recharging Speed
  • Completed Safety Features
  • Increased Compatibility

Impressed by the performance,
Fascinated by the look

Vivid Series
6700mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank

  • Premium LG
    Battery Cell
    Smart Charging
  • Ultra Fast Charging
    and Recharging Speed
  • Completed Safety

More Powerful,
Premium LG Battery Cell

Battery cell is the core component of power bank. Vivid series power banks utilize premium LG battery cells for the premium performance: longer lifespan, Vivid series power banks significantly reduce the battery self-aging helping to maximize the lifespan, most original capacity can be kept after 500 complete charge cycles;more available capacity in low temperature, that ensures you a reliable power in cold season; higher power density, Vivid series power banks carry 30% more power in ultra compact size; a safer usage, that other power banks using reused or unqualified battery cells are unable to guarantee.

  • Longer Lifespan
  • More Available Capacity in Low Temperature
  • More Power
  • Safer

High Energy Efficiency Rate

Powered by TP-LINK's world class circuitry and advanced energy technologies, we minimize the energy loss in charging, conserving the power for when you need it most. So that TL-PBG6700 can fully charge most deives one or more times.

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Designed to Charge Fast

Your time is so valuable that you shall manage to shorten the charging time. We apply TP-LINK Smart Charging technology and boost up the charging speed up to 5V/2.4A, making TL-PBG6700 a ultra fast charge power bank that can charge 65% faster and save up to 40% charging time. Fully charging iPhone 6s Plus takes 150mins with TP-LINK Smart Charging, while it takes 250mins with an original Apple charger.*

Charge iPhone 6s Plus

Original Charger




Faster Charge

Time ( hours )

*Exact charging time may vary subject to actual situation

1.8x Recharging Speed

TL-PBG6700 also support 5V/2.4A ultra fast recharging speed. It takes only 2.4 hours to recover from 0% to full capacity while it needs 4.5 hours for other 6700mAh power banks supporting 5V/1A only.*

*5V/2.4A power source is required, and exact recharging time may vary subject to actual situation

A Beloved Design That
You Can Carry Everyday

Enclosured with soft feel polymer coating in black and gold finish, this light and compact power bank is designed to fit comfortably in your hands and match up your style.

Safety First

There is no compromise when it comes to safety. Vivid series power banks incorporate the latest safety features to protect your devices and power banks against: short circuit, over voltage, over current, over charging, over discharging and over heating, ensuring a safe and reliable power supply.

  • short circuit
  • Over-voltage
  • Over-current
  • Over-charging
  • Over-discharging
  • Over-heating

Increased Compatibility

Compatible with smart devices running iOS, Android, Windows and most other USB-charged devices, from devices with large battery like tablets, to gadgets with tiny battery like smart wearable devices.

Capacidad 6700mAh
Entrada DC 5V/2.4A
Salida DC 5V/2.4A
Interfaz 1 puertos Micro USB
1 Puerto USB 2.0
4 Estados para indicar el nivel de carga o el estado de carga
Botón 1 botón para mostrar el nivel de carga
Compatibilidad con Dispositivos Inteligentes que funcionen con iOS, Android, Windows y la mayoría de dispositivos que se cargan a través de USB
Medida 44.9 x 24.9 x 97.0 mm (1.7x0.9x3.8 in)
Peso 140g
Contenido de Paquete Power Bank 6700 mAh Serie Vivid de TP-LINK TL-PBG6700
Cable Micro USB
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