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16-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch with 2 Combo SFP Slots

  • 16 10/100/1000Mbps Ports, and 2 combo SFP slots
  • Web-based management for quick and easy setup
  • Supports Port-Based VLAN and IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN
  • Supports Static MAC address and filtering MAC address management

What This Product Does

The TP-LINK TL-SG2216WEB is a web smart switch with 16 10/100/1000Mbps ports and 2 combo SFP ports supporting Mini GBIC modules. It integrates advanced management and security functions that provide performance and scalability. It delivers maximum throughput where you need it to high-performance workgroups at the edge of the network, or as a backbone for Fast Ethernet switches and high-speed servers in demanding small networks. What’s more, Quality of Service (QoS) provides enhanced traffic management capabilities to ensure your data transmission smoother and faster.

16 10/100/1000Mbps Ports with 2 Combo SFP Port

At speed of 1000 Mbps, Gigabit Ethernet provides the bandwidth to meet new and evolving network demands, alleviates bottlenecks, and boosts performance while increasing the return on existing infrastructure investments. TL-SG2216WEB equipped with 16 10/100/1000 ports deliver non-blocking, full-speed packet forwarding with 32 Gbps bandwidth migrates your network to future-proof functionality. Two SFP GBIC fiber slots provide optional fiber connectivity for greater distance.

Versatile Layer 2 Switching Features

- Equipped with a complete lineup of L2 features, this switch includes Port Mirroring and IEEE 802.3x Flow Control.
- VLAN Supported (IEEE 802.1Q, Port-Based, MTU), Network security is a top priority in any size business. VLANs allow the network to be segmented into groups (Departmental, Hierarchical, and Security Groups). It enhances the security of a network.
- Virtual Cable Test is designed for network administrators to quickly examine the quality of the copper cables and determine the type of cable error: opens, shorts, cable impedance mismatch, bad connectors, and termination mismatch.
- Jumbo Frame Supported is designed to the enhance Ethernet networking throughput and significantly reduce the CPU utilization of large data file transfers, such as the multimedia files or large data files. By sending larger payloads per packet, fewer packets need to be routed, reducing the overhead on the CPU and potentially improving networking throughput.

Quality of Service

TL-SG2216WEB supports IEEE 802.1p, applies Class of Service with 4 priority queues per port: lowest, lower, higher and highest. Now the administrator can designate the bandwidth intensive and sensitive applications with high priority to remain stable and fluid so that you don’t get interrupted when you’re watching a video online or lag during an Internet phone call.

Streamlined Web-based Management

In addition, an intuitive, Web-browser interface offers the simple smart switch management, making it a snap to monitor switch performance, configures ports, even set up port trunking, VLANs, and 802.1p Priority Class prioritization.

Estándares y Protocolos IEEE 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3ab, 802.3z, 802.3x, 802.1q, 802.1p
Interfaz 16 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports (Auto MDI/MDIX)
2 Gigabit SFP ports(shared with port 15, 16)
Medios de Red 10BASE-T: UTP category 3, 4, 5 cable (maximum 100m)
EIA/TIA-568 100Ω STP (maximum 100m)
100BASE-TX/1000Base-T: UTP category 5, 5e cable (maximum 100m)
EIA/TIA-568 100Ω STP (maximum 100m)
Cantidad de Ventiladores Fanless
Botones Reset Button
Fuente de Alimentación Externa Input: 220~240VAC, 50/60Hz Output: 5.0VDC/10A
Ancho de Banda de Backup 32Gbps
Tasa de Reenvío de Paquetes 23.8Mpps
Tabla de Dirección MAC 8k
Tamaño del Búfer 2Mb
Jumbo Frame 10160Byte
Indicador de LED Power, System, Link/Act, 1000M,
Dimensiones 17.3*10.2*1.7 in. (440*260*44 mm)
VLAN Port Based VLAN,
802.1Q Tag-VLAN,
Lista de Control de Acceso Based on Port,
Based on MAC
Seguridad Port Security,
Static MAC Address Binding,
Dynamic MAC Address Binding
Gestión Web (Http) Management,
Remote Management
Funciones Básicas MAC Address Auto-Learning and Auto-aging,
Storm Control (Broadcast, Multicast, Unknown unicast),
Port Mirroring
Método de Transferencia Store-and-Forward
Prioridad Port based Priority,
IEEE 802.1p based Priority: 4 Queues,
IP DSCP based Priority
Agregación de Enlaces Port Trunking
Función de Sistema Fixed IP Address Setting,
VCT (visual cable test ),
Port Flow Statistics, TFTP Upgrade
Certificaciones FCC, CE, RoHS
Contenido del Paquete Web Smart Switch;
Power Cord; Rackmount KIT; User Guide
Factores Ambientales Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32℉~104℉); Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃ (-40℉~158℉); Operating Humidity: 10%~90% non-condensing; Storage Humidity: 5%~90% non-condensing

SuscripciónTP-Link toma en serio su privacidad. Para obtener más detalles sobre las prácticas de privacidad de TP-Link, consulte Política de privacidad de TP-Link .

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