What if I forget the password of EAP Controller?

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EAP Controller provide different access privilege for different roles (administrator, operator and observer). If you forget the password of EAP Controller, you can follow these steps to retrieve it.

Note: V4 or above version controller only has Administrator and Viewer account.

Case 1 If you forget the password of observer or operator, you can ask the administrator to modify it in Controller Settings --> User Account.


Note: For V4 or above version controller, if you forget the password of the viewer, you can ask the administrator to modify it on the Admin page.

Case 2 If you forget the password of administrator and the EAPs are still able to access to internet, in the circumstances you may retrieve the password via the Email of administrator or the Cloud Access function. But before you can use these function, you need to finish the following settings first.

Note: For V4 or above version controller, we CANNOT retrieve the administrator password via the Cloud Access function. Refer to Forget password to reset the password of the administrator.

  1. Retrieve the password via the Cloud Access function.


  1. Go to Cloud Access, enable Cloud Access and bind your TP-Link ID.

Note: If you don’t have a TP-Link ID, you need to register one first.


  1. Click Log in and bind


  1. Access https://omada.tplinkcloud.com/login and input your TP-Link ID


  1. You will see all the Omada Controller and OC200 bound with your TP-Link ID. If your Omada Controller is running, click Launch and then you will access the Omada Controller.


  1. Then go to Controller Settings --> User Account to change the password.


  1. Retrieve the password via the Email of administrator.


Go to Controller Settings --> General Settings --> Mail server. Fill all information required in this page and click on Apply.


This mail server is used for sending email to the administrator’s Email address to reset the password.

When you try to retrieve your password, it will ask for the email address of administrator to check if you are the administrator.

If the Email addresses are not matched, you will not be able to retrieve your password. You can check and modify the email address in Controller Settings --> User Account.


Steps to reset admin password:

  1. Click on Forgot Password now


  1. Fill the administrator’s email address in the box and click on Reset Password.


  1. If you fill in the correct email address you will receive an email like shown below. Click on the hyperlink you will be able to reset the password now.


Note: If you are not on the host which EAP Controller is installed, you need to change the IP on the hyperlink. Another way to avoid this case is to set the host in Controller Settings --> General Settings --> Basic Settings.


You can even change it to public IP address if you are remotely controlling it. Refer to Q12: Can I manage my EAP devices across the Internet? to learn how to remotely control your EAP network.

Case 3 If you forget the password of administrator but can’t retrieve your password in case 2, most likely you didn’t set the mail server or you forget the email address of administrator, you need to uninstall the software and reinstall it. This would be the last choice.

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