What Should I Do if Omada Software Controller OC200 Cannot Adopt Omada EAP

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Omada Software Controller/OC200 is used to centrally manage Omada EAP products. When the Omada EAP is first discovered by the controller, it will show in the Pending List of Omada Controller/OC200 first. Then we can click Adopt button to adopt the Omada EAP.

Here are some common errors and fixed solutions when Omada Software Controller/OC200 fails to adopt Omada EAPs. And the computer with controller software installed is suggested to be connected to Router/Modem via cable, since wireless connection is not stable, it may cause some management issues.


1.       Error: The Username or Password is incorrect


The default Username/Password of Omada EAP is admin/admin.

1)      If the EAP worked in the standalone mode before, then the Username/Password will be the login account of web management page.

2)      If the EAP was managed by Omada Software Controller/OC200 before, the Username/Password will be the device account of Omada Software Controller/OC200. (You can check the device account at Site Settings->Device Account on Omada Software Controller/OC200.)

If these solutions do not work, you can reset the EAP (the username/password will be default) and try to adopt it again.


2.       Error: Failed to send  adopt command to the AP


It means that the communication between EAP and Omada Software Controller/OC200 is blocked.

1)      To make sure the Omada EAP is accessible, please ping the IP address of EAP on the PC that the Omada Software Controller is installed.

2)      If you have VLAN settings in your network, please make sure the EAP and Omada Software Controller/OC200 belong to the same VLAN.

3)      Omada Software Controller/OC200 communicates with Omada EAP via TCP/UDP port 29810-29813. Some anti-virus program or firewalls may block this kind of packets. You can disable the anti-virus or firewalls (on the PC that the Omada Software Controller is installed) in your network first for checking. And you need to open TCP/UDP port 29810-29813 in the anti-virus/firewalls (since Omada Software Controller communicate with Omada EAP via TCP/UDP port 29810-29813)


3.       Error: AP to be adopted doesn’t exist


1)      Web page may be aging. Please refresh the management page of Omada Software Controller/OC200 and try again.

2)      There may be some compatibility problems between the browser and Controller. Try to upgrade the web browser or change another browser for checking.           

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