How to configure IGMP Snooping for IPTV network on L2 Managed switches using the new GUI?

Configuration Guide
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This article applies to:

T1500G-10PS v2 or above, T1500G-8T v2 or above, T1500G-10MPS v2 or above, T1500-28PCT v3 or above, T1600G-52TS v3 or above, T1600G-52PS v3 or above, T1600G-28PS v3 or above, T1600G-28TS v3 or above, T1600G-18TS v2 or above, T1700X-16TS v3 or above, T2600G-52TS v3 or above, T2600G-28TS v3 or above, T2600G-28MPS v3 or above, T2600G-28SQ v1 or above.

IPTV programs are transmitted in multicast traffic. When a switch receives the multicast traffic, it will flood the traffic to all the ports, even if the devices connected to some particular ports do not need the IPTV service, so the network could be very slow. To solve this problem, we recommend you configure IGMP Snooping on the switch. With IGMP Snooping, the switch will forward IPTV stream only to the ports that request the IPTV service rather than to all ports.


Here is an example for IGMP Snooping configuration.


As shown in the following topology, Host B, Host C and Host D are connected to port 1/0/1, port 1/0/2 and port 1/0/3 respectively. Port 1/0/4 is connected to the router. Host B and Host C are in the VLAN 10 and they want to receive IPTV programs from the IPTV source while Host D does not need any IPTV service.

Note: The router must support IGMP querier/proxy function, otherwise IGMP snooping on the switch will not work as expected.

Configuration Scheme:

As not all the devices connected to the switch need IPTV service, we can configure IGMP Snooping on the switch so that only host B and host C can receive the IPTV programs.

  1. Go to L2 FEATURES > VLAN > 802.1Q VLAN > VLAN Config page, create VLAN 10 and add Untagged ports 1/0/1-2 and Tagged port 1/0/4 to VLAN 10.

  1. Go to L2 FEATURES > VLAN > 802.1Q VLAN > Port Config page, configure the PVID for port 1/0/1-2 as 10.

  1. Go to L2 FEATURES > Multicast > IGMP Snooping > Global Config page, In the Global Config section, enable IGMP Snooping globally. Configure the IGMP version as v3 so that the switch can process IGMP messages of all versions.

  1. In the IGMP VLAN Config section, click in VLAN 10 to load the following page. Enable IGMP Snooping for VLAN 10. Leave the other parameters as the default values.

  1. Go to L2 FEATURES > Multicast > IGMP Snooping > Port Config page. Enable IGMP Snooping for ports 1/0/1-2, 4.

  1. Click  to save the settings.

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