Deco app Dashboard explanation

When You Set Up
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When you have logged into the Deco app and set up your Deco units, the Dashboard page will be displayed.

At the top of the Dashboard is the network state, where you can find Deco units and their locations. Tap the icon to view detailed information about a Deco unit, or to remove it from the network.

  • Click Add to expand your Deco network.
  • The test speed results are located in the middle of the screen Use it to check current upload and download speeds provided by your ISP.
  • You can find devices connected to the network near the bottom of the screen. Tap to view detailed information for each device.
  • At the bottom right corner is the Menu icon. Tap it and to set up Parental Controls, QoS and other features.

The Message Center is presented in the top right corner as an envelope and provides notifications about new devices, Deco updates, monthly reports and more.

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