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What's Powerline?

Turn any electrical outlet into an Internet access

More versatile than Ethernet cables, easy to install and easy to use, Powerline transmits the Internet signal using electricity cables and allows you to cover areas of the home that are not normally reached by the Router signal.

If you need Ethernet ports to connect devices like Smart TV, Computer or Game Console via cable, or if you want to extend the Wi-Fi signal in areas that are not covered or where the signal is weak, Powerline is the fastest and most effective solution.

Powerlines are ideal for applications subject to frequent interruptions:


How does it work?

Plug, Pair & Play

Thanks to the Plug, Pair & Play system it takes just 3 steps to get online

  • Connect the first Powerline to the router and to the electrical outlet
  • Connect the second Powerline to a socket in the area where you need more network coverage
  • Press the "Pair" button on the 2 Powerlines

The Auto-Sync feature automatically synchronizes your Wi-Fi settings on all Powerlines connected to the network and updates them whenever you make a change. You can add all the Powerlines you need at any time, without having to worry about the configuration.


Which one to choose?

The features to know to choose the right Powerline

  • Electric socket

    Don't want to waste any electrical socket?

    If you place the Powerline in a room where you have few electrical outlets or want to use it to be able to connect other devices to the power supply, choose a Powerline with an integrated electrical outlet. In addition, the built-in noise filter reduces noise and guarantees maximum Powerline performance.

  • Gigabit Port

    How many wired devices do you want to connect to the network?

    Choose a Powerline with enough Ethernet Ports to connect all your devices, such as Computers, Smart TVs and Game Consoles via cable. The Gigabit Ethernet standard is up to 10 times faster than the Fast Ethernet standard.

  • Standard
    Wi-Fi AC

    Do you want to connect your Wireless devices?

    If you want to extend your wireless network, choose a Powerline Wi-Fi. The latest generation TP-Link Powerlines support the Wi-Fi AC standard, up to 3 times faster than the standard N. Thanks to the Wi-Fi Clone function, which automatically copies the network name (SSID) and password of the main router, the configuration is very simple!

  • Standard
    HomePlug AV2

    What speed should your Powerline have?

    If you have a VDSL (fiber) line, choose a Powerline with HomePlug AV2 standard and MIMO technology, which maximize performance in terms of connection speed and stability. If you have an ADSL line, a Powerline with standard HomePlug AV is sufficient.

Discover the Powerline range

To get the most out of your Powerline, make sure that your Modem / Router supports the latest generation connectivity standards:

  • Gigabit standard for wired connections
  • AC standard for wireless connections