Xiao Xiang Court Hotel


High-Definition Monitoring System and Full-Covered WiFi Services for Upscale Hotel in Zhuzhou


Name: Xiao Xiang Court Hotel

Industry: Hotel

Capacity: 200 Guest Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Banqueting Rooms, Dining Hall, Gym

Location: Zhuzhou Road, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou, Hunan, China

Used Products

• Turret Network Cameras

• Bullet Network Cameras

• Pan & Tilt Network Cameras

• Network Video Recorders (NVRs)

• Switches

• Access Points (APs)

• Router


Xiao Xiang Court Hotel is a Chinese palace-themed hotel. It is located in the center of the Zhuzhou trading area, enjoying convenient transportation and beautiful environment. As a luxury hotel, it provides customers with more than 200 guest rooms while hosting large-scale banquets and meetings with balconies, meeting rooms, and dining halls.


Xiao Xiang Court Hotel's demand is to develop their network and surveillance systems before establishing their business. TP-Link provided a custom solution based on its detailed requirements and environment.



  • All public areas in the hotel should be clearly monitored, with no blind spots.
  • Flexible monitoring view is needed for large areas, such as the entrance.
  • Versatile cameras are well adopted in different scenarios for full coverage, including bullet, turret, and pan & tilt cameras.
  • Pan & tilt cameras are deployed at the entrance to monitor the large area with 360° full vision, auto-tracking, and smart scanning.
  • Super high definition (3MP+) helps better recognize objects and people.
  • Cameras should record clear sounds in case of disputes in the checkout counter, elevator, and bar.
  • Built-in microphone records voice clearly while speaker enhances two-way audio for real-time communication.
  • Video footage must be stored for at least one month to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Smart video coding (H.265+/H.264+) saves high-quality footage while taking up less space.
  • NVR supports large hard disks (up to 10TB per HDD).
  • The hotel had different wireless demands in various scenarios, such as high-density Wi-Fi in meeting rooms and full-coverage wireless signals for all guest rooms.
  • Access Points provide wireless access for each guest room, and wireless signals are no less than -75 dBm.
  • MU-MIMO increases capacity in high-density environments, such as the hall, meeting room, and restaurant, to support more devices simultaneously.
  • Dual-band APs and Seamless Roaming support a super-fast, uninterrupted wireless network.
  • Network authentication should support using social accounts for network security and promotion needs.
  • Administrators can easily configure Portal Authentication and customize the landing page for advertising and promotion.


Device Deployment

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