How to configure IFTTT via the Deco app?

You can activate or create every Applet you want by IFTTT app or it’s official website. If the Applet is relevant to the Deco system, you can also configure it via the Deco app.

Before configuring, you should have,

  • A Deco system (with one or multiple Deco units) bound to your TP-Link ID
  • Authorized your TP-Link ID to your IFTTT account.

Step 1

Launch the Deco app on your mobile device, tap “” and choose Friends of Deco.


Step 2

Tap “IFTTT” and then you’ll be redirected to some Applets for TP-Link Router. Choose one of the Applets such as “Prioritize a device with one click

Step 3

Follow the app guidance, tap Get Started to configure your IFTTT Applets.

IFTTT will need permissions to connect your TP-Link Router, tap Allow.

Note: You can choose some existing popular Applets here. If you want to create a new Applet as you like, we suggest to use IFTTT app or visit IFTTT official website.

Step 4

Type in your TP-Link ID and password and tap Sign in, then tap Authorize to allow IFTTT to use your TP-Link ID.

Step 5

You can choose a device and the duration of priority on this Applet, then tap Save.

The Applet “Prioritize a device with one click” is created as a result.


1. The combination of Trigger and Action is random, which means TP-Link Router service can work with other services as well.

2. You could also configure your IFTTT Applets relevant to the Deco router via IFTTT’s official website. Click here for the details.

This Article Applies to:
Deco P7 , Deco M5
When You Set Up | Updated 01-26-2018 02:32:47 AM