Antenne sectorielle 2.4 GHz 15dBi 2x2 MIMO pour WBS210 TL-ANT2415MS

  • L'antenne directionnelle à gain élevé offre une couverture étendue, idéale pour les connexions point à multipoint
  • Installation facile et intégration transparente avec la station de base Pharos WBS210
  • La technologie MIMO assure un débit accru
  • La conception résistante aux intempéries offre une protection dans les environnements difficiles

Product Overview

The Pharos Sector Antenna features 2x2 MIMO technology, is suitable for outdoor use, and is ideally paired with a Pharos Base Station. These antennas feature high-gain directional transmission and represent an excellent solution for providing long distance Point-to-Multi-Point coverage.

Common Deployment Goals

When installed alongside a Pharos Base Station, the TL-ANT2415MS is capable of providing Point-to-Multi-Point data transmission coverage for a large area.

Easy Installation

TP-LINK sector antennas (TL-ANT5819MS/TL-ANT2415MS) feature a built in mounting apparatus and work seamlessly with Pharos Base Stations, meaning that no tools are required for installation.

Fréquence 2.3-2.7GHz
Impédance 50Ω
Gain 15dBi
VSWR(MAX.) 1.8 Max
HPOL Beamwidth 120° (6dB) & 90° (3dB)
VPOL Beamwidth 120° (6dB) & 90° (3dB)
Elevation Beamwidth
Polarisation Vertical & Horizontal
Montage Pole Mount
Electrical Downtilt
Ratio F/B 25dB Min
Vitesse limite de vent admissible 241km/h
Standards RoHS,WEEE
Interfaces RP-SMA
Dimension Product Size:700×133×57mm
Package Size:1030x185x140mm