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Pharos AP Specification:

Should I choose 2.4G or 5G AP?

The 2.4G frequency range has been very congested in most area. For better link quality and higher speed, 5G AP product is highly recommended.

What factors should be considered when choosing AP model?
: Estimate the installation distance between sites from map or other tools, select product model supporting longer distance to ensure link quality.

Coverage: This factor should be considered when deploying in Point-to-Multi-Point scenario. Client device should be installed within the coverage.

Power Supply: All Pharos AP are powered by 24VDC passive PoE, support 60meter (200ft) Power over Ethernet.

Wireless Speed: All Pharos AP are with 2x2 MIMO antenna, with wireless speed 300Mbps.

Can CPE be connected with an external antenna?
CPE210/CPE220/CPE510/CPE520 are with built-in antenna, no need to install extra antenna.

WBS210/WBS510 are without build-in antenna, they have to work with external antenna. For now, two kinds of antenna are available for WBS product for specific application. Dish antenna with suffix MD in the model name, is specific for long distance Point-to-Point scenario. Sector antenna with suffix MS in the model name, is specific for wide coverage Point-to-Multi-Point scenario.

Why is the Wi-Fi coverage of CPE/WBS for mobile phone/laptop only dozens of meters instead of kilometers?
The wireless communication is based on mutual wireless capability. CPE/WBS are high power wireless product, the signal can reach kilometers away. While mobile devices like phone and laptop, are with low power wireless signal, usually can reach one or two hundred meters most. So the coverage is limited by the low power of mobile devices.

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