IFTTT Compatibility for TP-Link Wi-Fi router products

IFTTT Compatibility for TP-Link Wi-Fi products

IFTTT, short for IF This Then That, is a free web-based service which help you do more with the services you love. TP-Link Wi-Fi products now provide the IFTTT services which you can use to make your life easier and smarter.

The list below provides information regarding product compatibility and will be updated frequently since TP-Link is working to make more products support IFTTT.


1. Please make sure the product is updated with latest firmware.

2. A TP-Link ID must be bound to the product. No TP-Link ID?

Wi-Fi Routers product
Model Hardware version
Archer C5400X(US/EU/JP) V1
Archer C5400(US/EU/JP/CA/KR/TW) V2
Archer C4000(US/EU) V2
Archer C3150(US/EU/CA/JP/RU) V2
Archer C2300(US/EU/CA/JP/KR) V1
Archer A2300(US) V1
Archer C7(US/EU/CA/JP/KR) V4
Archer C7(US/EU/CA/TW/JP/KR/RU) V5
Archer A7(US/EU) V5
Archer C9(US/EU/JP) V5
Archer A9(JP) V5
Whole Home Wi-Fi product
Deco M5(US/EU/CA/JP/AU) V1
Deco P7(EU) V1
Deco M9 Plus(EU/US) V1