How to configure alarm sending through FTP Client on TP-Link IP cameras

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Updated 06-29-2022 02:08:19 AM 38189
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When the TP-Link IP cameras detect a motion, they can send alarms to a specific email address or a FTP server to notify the owner. This article is about how to configure the camera to send an alarm to a FTP server automatically. Here we take TL-SC3130 for example
Step 1 Open your Internet browser and type in the IP address of the IP camera in the address bar. If you’ve no idea about the camera’s IP address, please click here.
Step 2 In the pop-up window, please type in the username and password of your IP camera. The default username and password are both admin
Step 3 After log in ,on the left hand side, click on Settings->Advance->FTP Client->General, check FTP Client On, and then make a name for the FTP client, for example, tp-link, and then type in the correct FTP server information. Click on OK to save the settings.
Step 4 Click on Test button to check whether it is working or not. If it works, you will have the picture below.
Step 5 Click on Alarm SendingOn the left hand side, and check Alarm Sending On, make a folder name in the Remote path bar ,this folder is for saving the image files. Make a name for the image file. Motion detection box should be checked.
Step 6 click on the Motion Detection button, you can configure 3 motion detection areas. And the threshold and sensitivity can be set separately based on your application. Click on OK to save your settings.
Now we have done all the configurations and camera will send pictures to the FTP server when some motions are detected
We could see the pictures on the FTP server when we flip the calendar

If you still have some problems, please feel free to contact TP-Link support.

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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