TP-Link Introduces Festa — An Easy, Effective, and Reliable Cloud-based Solution

    April 9, 2024TP-Link®, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, today introduced the new Festa series, a free cloud management solution. Festa unifies APs, switches, and routers for full cloud-based management, offering an easy, effective, and reliable business-level network controlled via app or web. Perfect for small businesses, home offices, and cafes.

    For small business and home offices, networking solutions have always had many problems: poor network experience, complex operation and maintenance, and high costs. To address the networking challenges and diverse requirements of businesses, TP-Link offers the Festa solution.

    "Festa," derived from Latin, signifies "festive" and "joyous." In some English accents, it might even evoke "faster," reflecting the efficiency and performance of the line—a testament to TP-Link's goal of offering simple, efficient, and dependable solutions for both small businesses and home offices.

    • Free Cloud Centralized Management

    Minimize on-site time and expenses with integrated troubleshooting tools, all while continuously monitoring your network's status and accessing condition logs and alerts at all times. There are no hidden fees nor additional software and hardware required.

    • Easy Setup and Use with the Festa App

    Effortlessly set up and control your network using the Festa app or web portal's unified interface. Self-Organizing Networking and Zero-Touch Provisioning technology simplify everything—no professional technician required.

    • Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

    With Festa Cloud, there’s no need to send out a technician for on-site configuration, streamlining network deployment at a lower cost with multi-site networks.


    Festa is set to introduce a broad array of APs, smart switches, and gateways, presenting a comprehensive product suite. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6/7 technology and supporting seamless roaming, its access points ensure fast, stable, and extensive Wi-Fi coverage. The line's smart switches feature various port types, with PoE models designed for different security monitoring applications. Additionally, Festa routers offer a robust VPN service, enhancing network security while facilitating remote work and data sharing through VPN deployments in branch offices.

    We believe that Festa solutions will help your business achieve more convenient, efficient and secure networking solutions.



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