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With outstanding performance, lower costs, and easy management, HC220-G1 and EC330-G5u meet the needs of Wi-Fi networks in the home and office.

HC220-G1 provides a seamless and smart mesh network that covers the entire home. And EC330-G5u delivers efficient connectivity at high speeds, perfect for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO).

For better after-sales maintenance and user satisfaction, the devices also support the management of ACS via the TR-069 protocol. Operators can monitor device status and performance in real-time, diagnose and resolve connectivity or service issues remotely, and perform firmware/software upgrades for multiple devices at the same time.

HC220-G1: AC1300 Home Wi-Fi System

This home Wi-Fi system uses multiple devices to create a dedicated, high-speed, and easy-to-configure mesh network that kills the Wi-Fi dead zones in a home. The system consists of one controller and satellites. The controller connects to a modem or gateway, and the satellites extend the wireless coverage of the entire network.

Key Features:

Wireless, Hassle-free Installation

Each mesh node is peer-to-peer, any unit in the pack can function as a controller to access the internet. The other mesh nodes are added by pressing the Sync button.

Seamless Roaming with One Wi-Fi Name

This 3-pack provides wide coverage so users can enjoy seamless Wi-Fi with one unified wireless network name (SSID) in every room. AP Steering and Band Steering intelligently connect devices to the node with the strongest signal—no more sudden drops or reconnecting when moving devices to different rooms.

Robust Smart Mesh

Path failover and backhaul load balancing drastically improve stability and reliability. If a link drops accidentally, the network resources will still be available via a second link as a fail-safe. Both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are available for backhaul and Wi-Fi coverage.

EC330-G1u: AC1900 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Router

By including a router mode, access point mode, and range extender mode all in one, this gigabit router delivers excellent wireless range and speed, satisfying the need for higher network performance.

Its powerful antennas ensure continuous Wi-Fi signals to all devices while boosting widespread coverage throughout a home. The built-in Ethernet ports also supply high-speed connections to wired devices.

Key Features:

Extraordinary Home Entertainment

Equipped with the 11ac Wi-Fi standard, the router creates up to 1.9 Gbps of combined speed for a home network. The dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands allow more devices to be connected to the home network simultaneously without lag.

MU-MIMO for 4× Faster Connections

Powered by MU-MIMO technology, the router creates four simultaneous data streams, allowing all connected devices to achieve speeds up to 4× faster than regular AC routers.

Airtime Fairness for More Efficient Wi-Fi

With Airtime Fairness, the router improves the overall Wi-Fi performance and reliability by sacrificing some network time on slow devices.

Beamforming for Better Coverage

Beamforming technology dramatically improves the router’s coverage by locating wireless devices to form stronger, more reliable connections—even when mobile devices move from room to room.

USB 3.0 Port for Easy Sharing

With built-in FTP and media servers, the router allows users to share files, photos, music, and video across the network both locally and remotely by connecting a hard drive. The USB 3.0 port provides up to 10× faster USB hard drive access than the previous generation, USB 2.0

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