Triple Your Wi-Fi Experience with AX6600 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) could turn out to be the most significant advancement in Wi-Fi development, delivering a huge boost in speed and total capacity. Mainstream adoption of Wi-Fi 6 is inching ever closer with more and more AX clients available. It’s finally the right time to upgrade your router to the newest generation of Wi-Fi!

TP-Link’s Wi-Fi 6 tri-band router, Archer AX90, takes your Wi-Fi to the next level while being backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi standards. Enjoy faster streaming and gaming like never before.  

Blazingly Fast Gig+ Speed

Archer AX90 is a tri-band router, with two dedicated 5 GHz bands, and one 2.4 GHz. New technologies that come with 802.11ax, such as 1024-QAM and Long OFDM Symbol, allow Archer AX90 to provide industry-leading speeds of up to 6,600 Mbps across three Wi-Fi bands. With a total of eight external antennas, it delivers a reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout larger homes.

  • 3× Faster Speed
    Powerful, stable signals perfectly pair with newer PCs and mobile devices equipped with 160 MHz Wi-Fi. With the maximum bandwidth increased to 160 MHz, you get blazing-fast speeds without any lag.
  • 75% Lower Latency
    Take advantage of ultra-low latency to enjoy more responsive gaming and seamless video conferencing.
  • 4× Larger Capacity for Non-Stop Entertainment
    In answer to ever-growing demands on home Wi-Fi, Archer AX90 future-proofs your home networks by providing a higher capacity to connect more devices. Advanced technologies like OFDMA raise the connection capacity in high-density scenarios compared to standard 802.11ac routers. Keep pace with the latest technology and future developments.
  • Lightning-Fast Wired Connections
    Archer AX90 provides two WAN/LAN ports (2.5 Gbps and 1 Gbps) to make full use of internet access exceeding 1 Gbps, and boost internet throughput. Plug your PCs, smart TVs, and game consoles into one of the five Gigabit LAN ports for fast and reliable wired connections.
  • Boosted Coverage
    Eight high-gain external antennas and Beamforming transmit Wi-Fi signals to every corner of your home and concentrate signal strength towards connected devices to ensure a powerful connection.

TP-Link Homecare Pro:  Your Home, Our Care

TP-Link HomeCare Pro protects every device from the latest cyber threats with powerful security, built-in antivirus, and cutting-edge intrusion prevention, comprehensively creating a highly protected smart home environment. With a kit of features built-in, TP-Link HomeCare Pro provides your entire home network with robust security.

  • Real-Time IoT Protection
    TP-Link HomeCare Pro identifies IoT devices and immediately begins monitoring their security performance once they join the network. With a firewall, TP-Link HomeCare Pro blocks unauthorized access, encrypts your data, and protects against cyberthreats and attacks.
  • Powerful Antivirus
    Three Antivirus systems—Intrusion Prevention, Malicious Content Filter System, and DDoS Protection System—protect all of your devices from viruses and malware.
  • Robust Parental Controls
    TP-Link HomeCare Pro, with simple, intuitive Parental Controls, provides an easy way to manage your kid’s screen time. Weekly and monthly reports keep you informed of your family's online activities and what's happening with your network security.
  • Smart Wi-Fi Optimizer
    TP-Link HomeCare Pro optimizes your Wi-Fi network. Assign bandwidth to the devices you use most to ensure they run at their best. A smart signal feature offers optimal Wi-Fi by intelligently avoiding congested channels.

WPA3: More Secure, More Trusted Wi-Fi

Archer AX90 is equipped with WPA3 to provide maximum network security. With WPA3 encryption, Archer AX90 protects weak passwords that can be cracked relatively easily via guessing. That means you don’t need to worry about if the password is not complicated enough, as you did when using WPA2 devices. You can even use incredibly simple passwords, like your birthday or phone number. Best of all, Archer AX90 features WPA3/WPA2-MIX security mode to simultaneously provide encryption for WPA2 and WPA3 connections, so you won’t need to worry if your devices do not support WPA3.

TP-Link's Wi-Fi 6 tri-band router, Archer AX90, is a perfect choice to get your toes wet in the world of faster Wi-Fi with support for Smart Connect, Link Aggregation, Airtime Fairness, IPv6, and more. Moreover, setup and use are incredibly straightforward thanks to the user-friendly Tether app.

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