Omada Pro Cloud-Based Controller

Omada Pro Cloud-Based Controller

  • Unlimited Enterprise-Level Centralized Management Scale: Centralized management for unlimited Omada Pro access points, switches, and routers.
  • Exists Entirely in the Cloud: No additional hardware controller investment and installation on customer premises.
  • Multi-Site and Multi-Customer Management: Management, configuration, and monitoring provided by different sites.
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning: There’s no need to send out an engineer for on-site configuration.
  • Automated Radio Frequency Deployment: Provides automated channel selection, power adjustment, bandwidth allocation, and frequency band deployment for high-density radio environments.
  • Intelligent Anomaly Detection and Analysis: Supports real-time network health monitoring as well as abnormal event detection and analysis.
  • Omada App Support: Use cloud access to manage with the Omada app from anywhere, anytime.

What This Product Does

The Omada Pro Cloud-Based Controller, existing entirely in the cloud for the Omada Pro Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform, provides 100% centralized cloud management of Omada Pro access points, switches, and routers — all controlled from a single interface. With built-in enterprise-level features, it's dedicated to delivering intelligent networks for every industry. There is no additional hardware investment and installation on customer premises required.

Engineered for Enterprise Verticals

The Omada Pro Cloud-Based Controller focuses on various vertical enterprise networks like MDUs, hospitalities, K-12 education, and more. There are plenty of advanced features, such as Private Pre-Shared Keys (PPSK), Automated Radio Frequency Deployment, Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems/Wireless Intrusion Protection Systems (WIDS/WIPS), Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), and much more. 

In the future, the Omada Pro Cloud-Based Controller will launch more advanced features to protect enterprise networks. Tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.

Intelligent Deployment and Operations

· Automated Radio Frequency Deployment
Provides multi-dimensional and automatic RF deployment decisions in high-density radio environments, including channel selection, power adjustment, bandwidth allocation, and frequency band deployment. Delivers higher network performance and quality.

· Intelligent Anomaly Detection and Analysis
Detects real-time network abnormalities, generates probable cause analysis for each incident, and provides intelligent optimization recommendations. These enable managed service providers (MSPs) to quickly and remotely solve potential issues before they impact users, avoiding the need of delegating staff for on-site maintenance that affect clients’ businesses.

· Audit Log & Network Status Record
Audit Log meets the long-term and large-capacity log storage requirements, improving comprehensive audit network security. Network Status Record helps clients identify security risks, quickly query specific information, output alarm information, and more.

· Multiple Network Abnormality Notifications
Dashboard alerts and automatic email alerts increase your network intelligence for timely alarms.

Efficient and Simple Management

· Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
Allows admins to remotely deploy and configure multi-site networks, so there’s no need to send out an engineer for on-site configuration.

· Single Sign On (SSO)
Supports third-party accounts to log in to the Omada Pro Cloud-Based platform, such as the account of the apartment management system. SSO also eases repeated login issues encountered by administrators while in multiple application systems at the same time.

· Multi-Site and Multi-Customer Management

Management, configuration, and monitoring provided by different sites can be done independently of one another without affecting each other. MSPs can implement differentiated configuration and management services according to actual site scenarios.

· Open API

Supports device management and system monitoring through API to improve system integration.

· Real-Time Network Status and Full Report of Clients, Devices, WAN, and Wi-Fi
System integrators can easily share network service quality with administrators through customized reports.

· Batch Management and Remote Firmware Updates
Improve network maintenance without needing to configure on-site or manage devices one by one.

· Easy-to-Use Dashboard
Provides more visibility of various networks, including wired and wireless devices. It's a good place to start and makes it easy to check out network status reports, traffic distribution, and network topology at a glance.

Always-Assured Network Security

· Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK)
Creates unique pre-shared keys for individual users on the same SSID to enhance residents' network security. For the entire complex, PPSK offers mesh coverage and seamless roaming without a manual switch.

· Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems/Wireless Intrusion Protection Systems (WIDS/WIPS)

Identify and quarantine abnormal behaviors or attacks from rogue APs and clients in the environment. Operate 24/7 with generally no need for management or admin involvement. In the backend of the Omada Pro Cloud-Based Controller, WIDS allows customization of detection types based on user scenarios.

WIPS offers diverse protection functions to safeguard network health and enhance performance. Protection methods encompass De-auth Counter and Dynamic Blacklist. Instant, multi-dimensional, adaptive WIPS aids in securing sensitive information and network resources.

· Intrusion Detection Systems/Intrusion Protection Systems (IDS/IPS)

Support the detection and protection of various threats, like password brute-forcing, botnets, malware, server and terminal vulnerability attacks, and more. The protection methods include Block List, Device Isolation, Allow List, and Signature Suppression. The built-in attack protection signature database can be updated regularly and supports more than 4000+ signature rules.

· Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
The built-in application feature recognition library captures traffic packets through a DPI engine to analyze, identify, and match them with the application library. The recognition library can identify up to 40+ categories of mainstream software, including messaging, conferenceing, email, education, gaming, and more. It features country/region-based traffic management to finely allocate and regulate available bandwidth for critical applications or application classes while suppressing unnecessary application traffic.

· SLA Availability
Higher reliability is guaranteed with 99.9% SLA availability, 24/7 automated fault detection, geographically isolated backup servers, and reliable product quality. Your network functions even if management traffic is interrupted.

· User Privacy Protection
Separates network management data from user data, with no user traffic passing through the cloud, to ensure better protection of users’ privacy.

Greater Convenience with the Omada App

Remotely access and configure your whole network with a tap of your phone from anywhere in the world.

Omada App Yes
Centralized Management • Unlimited centralized management scale
• Centrally manage Omada Pro access points, Omada Pro switches, and Omada Pro routers
Cloud Access Yes
L3 Management Yes
Multi-site Management Yes
Zero-Touch Provisioning Yes
Management Features • Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
• Automatic Channel Selection
• Automatic Transmit Power Adjustment
• Multi-Site Management
• Multi-User Privilege Assignment
• Intelligent Network Monitoring
• Abnormal Event Warnings and Notifications
• WiFi Heatmap Simulator
• Network Summary Report
• Unified Configuration
• Batch Configuration
• Batch Firmware Upgrading
• Reboot Schedule
• Captive Portal (Voucher, SMS, etc.)
• Automatic Device Discovery

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