TP-Link Reliable Network Solutions for Petrol Stations of PTG Energy



Name: PTG Energy

Industry: Other

Capacity: 1,625 Service Stations

Location: 90 CW Tower A, 33rd Floor, Ratchadaphisek Road, Huaykwang, Bangkok, Thailand 10310


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PTG Energy, a pioneer of integrated service providers in Thailand, operates a wide range of businesses including oil, LPG, food and beverage, convenience store, auto repair and maintenance, and renewable energy businesses.

In the service stations of this company, PTG provides ready-made gasoline, food, and beverage for customers. With the target of being a high-standard service provider in Thailand, PTG thoughtfully offers convenience to customers like reliable and high-speed WiFi that seamlessly covers all of their service stations, which greatly improves the service quality and customer satisfaction.



Provide a reliable networking solution for petrol stations of PTG, TP-link would fulfill the following demands:

  • Offer seamless WiFi coverage for petrol stations in remote areas.
  • Manage the whole network system locally and/or remotely.
  • Connect separate network devices to one network for easy and centralized management.



TP-Link provided a suitable networking solution that met all of the demands that were outlined by PTG.

Devices and Network Monitoring

Real-time network topology and device management are more clear and accurate than ever before with the integration of Google Maps. The actual location, status, and coverage of every network device are displayed on the constantly-updated Google Map, lending more useful information for device management and expansion.

WiFi Network Management

TP-Link’s free Pharos Control Software allows users to easily manage unlimited Pharos products for complete, unhindered network scalability. Batch management helps simultaneously configure and manage multiple devices, giving administrators an efficient, cost-effective, and centralized management platform for an optimized network.

Seamless WiFi coverage and Robust Network Performance

TP-Link CPEs provide WiFi coverage wherever needed and deliver secure and stable Internet connections to both customers and staff in every service station of PTG Energy.



With all branches having installed CPE220, PTG Petrol stations enjoy the experience of uninterrupted and reliable internet access at high speeds even in peak seasons with numerous connected clients. Customers’ feedback on the quality of internet access service is very positive. The Pharos Control Software provided the central and proper network management that PTG needed. The classic network demands of:

  • Secure and Stable Internet Connections
  • Full WiFi Coverage
  • Easy Centralized Management
  • Easy and Accurate Network Monitoring

are now considered standard for this business.

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