Why my NC200/NC220 can’t connect to cloud and go offline since April?

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Updated 06-16-2016 11:29:36 AM
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Please upgrade your old version camera to the latest firmware before May.31st.2016 to prevent a service outage. For some reason, old version camera will not use our cloud service.


Model number

Old version(need to be upgraded)

Latest version


V2.0.15 or lower



V1.0.29 or lower



More information in:

How to upgrade my NC200/NC220 to the latest version to prevent a service outage?


The root reason

Old cloud certificate expires in April 12 2016, and new certificate uses device time as access, in the other word, only device time after April 12 2016 can access to our new cloud service.



How to solve the problem

Go into management interface first. If you don’t know, how please click:

How to log in to the cloud camera’s Web Interface?

 In System>>Date/Time>>Automatic Time, please choose Synchronize with NTP Server, and the camera will get the right time automatically.


Note: We don’t recommend you to choose Set Date and Time Manually, or your camera will reset the time to 2008/01/01 every time you unplug and plugin the power supplier, which means you won’t connect to our cloud server once you do that.



If you still have problem after upgrade your camera, or you encounter abnormal situation in these problem, please feel free to contact us. Contact Email: support@tp-link.com.

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