How to access Internet via USB cable with 4G Mobile Wi-Fi

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Usually we can only access Internet via MiFi product’s Wi-Fi. However, For 4G Mobile Wi-Fi, We can also access Internet via USB port, which is called "RNDIS" function. Here we will introduce how we can access Interent via M7350's USB port as an example.
For now, RNDIS function only supports windows xp/vista/7/8/10.
For windows Vista/7/8/10:
In windows vista/7/8/10 computer, RNDIS is plug and play, which means you connect your computer to M7350 via a USB cable and you can go to Internet.
Step 1:
Please connect M7350 to your computer via a USB cable, and your computer will install M7350s driver automatically.
Step 2:
After a while, when you see “Your device is ready to use”, it means that the driver has been installed successfully. Now you may still need to wait for a moment
until the network icon is clean without any red cross or yellow exclamation on it, then you can go to Internet.
For windows xp:
In windows xp computer, we need to install M7350s driver manually.
Step 1:
First we need to download the M7350s driver from TP-Link official website, and extract it on our computer.
Step 2:
Connect M7350 to your windows XP computer via a USB cable, and then you can see a popup window below. Choose “No, not this time” and click “Next”.
Step 3:
Choose “Install from a list of specific location”, click “Next”.
Step 4:
Choose “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install”, click “Next”.
Step 5:
In this window, we needn’t choose anything. Just click “Next”.
Step 6:
Click “Have Disk…” here.
Step 7:
Click “Browse” to choose the M7350s driver we have downloaded just now.
Step 8:
We need to click “Next” in this window.
Step 9:
Here we may see a warning below. Please just click “Continue Anyway” as this warning is meaningless.
Step 10:
Then the driver will be installed. When the installation is finished, click “Finish”. After a while, then you can go to Internet.
If you have any doubt, please be free to contact TP-Link support service.

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