I cannot open port 80 to my camera on dual band routers

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3.13.22 Build 120807 Rel.36604n
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Customer Scenario
IP Camera<----->TL-WDR4300<---->Internet<------->Office PC
Problem Description
Customer has an IP camera with IP address The web management port of the camera is 80. Camera is set as DMZ host on TL-WDR4300. But when customer wants to check the camera settings by accessing http://wan_ip_of_router but he cannot get through.
Customer then tries to forward port 80 to on Virtual Servers page. The following error message pops up. Thus virtual server entry cannot be added.
Error code: 25002
The port of the virtual server is conflicting with that of the remote web management.
Root cause of the problem
Port 80 is reserved for remote web management page no matter Remote Management feature is enabled or not.
Available Solutions
Solution 1: In this solution you will need to change the Web Management Port of the router.
Step 1
Go to Security-> Remote Management page.
Step 2
Configure Web Management Port different with 80, for example 8080.
Step 3
You can either set the camera as DMZ host or just forward port 80 to your camera on Forwarding-> Virtual Severs page. You will be able to access the camera from internet by visiting http://wan_ip_of_router.
Note: After changing Web Management Port you need to reboot the router to make the change effective. You will need to use http://tplinklogin.net:8080 to access the web management page from local network after reboot.
Solution 2: In this solution you can keep the router’s Web Management Page as it is.
Step 1
Go to Forwarding-> Virtual Servers.
Step 2
Click Add New… button to add a new virtual server entry. Choose a Service Port different from 80, for instance 81 and forward it to your camera.
Step 3
You can then use http://wan_ip_of_router:81 to access the camera’s web management page.
In case the above solutions cannot solve your problem please send a mail to support@tp-link.com. TP-Link reprsentatives will help you further diagnose the problem.
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