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Is Your Facility Prepared for the Digital Transformation in Healthcare?

By Denise De Albuquerque

The digital transformation in healthcare is inevitable

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of healthcare organizations adopting digital technologies to improve the delivery of care. The pandemic has accelerated this trend, now known as digital healthcare, as patients have increasingly turned to virtual care options. Digital healthcare is the delivery of health care services and information via digital channels. It can include everything from booking appointments and ordering prescriptions online to tracking fitness data and getting advice from health professionals via chatbots or social media.

Recent months have shown the convenience and accessibility of digital healthcare are undeniable, and it is only a matter of time before the majority of healthcare services are delivered digitally. The question now is, is your facility ready for this transformation?

Digital healthcare can improve patient care along with other benefits

There are many advantages to this shift. Digital channels are often more convenient and cost-efficient for both patients and providers. One of the key ways digital healthcare improves patient care is by increasing communication and collaboration between patients and their care team. Through secure messaging, video conferencing and other digital tools, patients and providers can quickly and easily share information and coordinate care. This increased communication can lead to better patient outcomes and increased satisfaction with their care experience. In addition, digitization can also make healthcare delivery more efficient. By automating tasks, streamlining processes, and reducing paperwork, providers can allot more time to making informed decisions with minimal errors and incurred costs.

The challenges your facility can face and how can you overcome them

Health data is among the most sensitive information that a facility can possess. As digital healthcare becomes more prevalent, facilities increasingly face data privacy and security issues. As an example, patient data is often stored on various devices and networks, making it vulnerable to attacks. In addition, the use of connected medical devices can provide entry points for hackers. To overcome these challenges, facilities need to implement high-security network solutions. These solutions can help protect data by encrypting it, preventing unauthorized access and also help identify and block potential threats.

Omada SDN offers a unique combination of high-speed data access and a high-security network. Its advanced enterprise WPA3 and encryption technology keep the data safe and secure from breaches and hacking, while VPNs and captive portals prevent unauthorized access. At the same time, high-speed data access ensures that medical professionals can quickly and easily retrieve the information they need when they need it. This makes Omada the perfect choice for building a comprehensive medical information system that can provide better healthcare for patients.

Another way to counter these threats is to develop policies and procedures for data privacy and security that all staff members must follow. By taking these steps, healthcare facilities can ensure that they can make the most of digital healthcare solutions without compromising patient privacy or security.

By preparing for the digital transformation in healthcare, your facility can stay ahead of the curve and provide patients with the best possible care. To learn more about Omada SDN and our business networking solutions for healthcare facilities, visit https://www.tp-link.com/ca/business-networking/ or contact us through sales.ca@tp-link.com.

Denise De Albuquerque

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