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Post Lockdown: Prepare your business for the reopening with strong WiFi

By Denise De Albuquerque

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses worldwide to take measures to protect their employees and customers. Small and medium business owners have weathered the storm of the pandemic so far, but with reopening on the horizon, some preparations must be made. It is vital to make sure your business is ready for the influx of customers during this time and one of the most important things you should do is make sure your WiFi is up to par.

What does the Reopening Plan mean for your business?

The reopening plan is a positive step forward for businesses in Canada. It provides much-needed clarity and support for business owners as they work to reopen their doors and get back to serving their customers and communities.

With this plan in place, businesses can confidently make the necessary preparations to reopen as quickly as possible and contribute to the economic recovery. As an intended result, the plan will boost customer confidence in the coming weeks and months by encouraging the safe return to activities like travelling, attending events, going to the movies or dining in restaurants.

Why is a strong WiFi connection a factor for a successful return to business?

Robust network infrastructure will make your customers happy and give you a competitive edge over other businesses. With so many people relying on WiFi to stay connected, your business must have a network to accommodate them all. Especially for high-density business spaces like restaurants, events places or retail shops, it is crucial to make sure your business has a dependable and secure WiFi connection to handle the influx of customers.

How to get your WiFi ready for the influx of customers?

Internet connectivity has evolved so much over the last decade, and we have already forgotten what life was really like without WiFi. Speeds have undeniably increased exponentially, and with the introduction of new technology such as Wi-Fi 6, people are no longer used to inferior and unstable connections. Therefore, to get your WiFi ready for the influx of customers, you should use the most current technology and get the best service available. This will ensure that your customers have a reliable and fast connection while in your establishment. Additionally, it is essential to make sure that your WiFi network is secure so that your customers can feel comfortable using it without having to worry about their privacy being compromised.

Tips for optimizing your WiFi network

To optimize your business WiFi network, you should start by verifying that you have enough bandwidth to support all of your devices and usage. You may also want to assess the coverage of your network and check if there are hard-to-reach areas or dead spots— you may consider upgrading your network devices to eliminate bandwidth issues if there are. Also, remember to invest in high-quality devices and equipment. Cheaper routers and access points may seem like a good deal upfront, but they often do not hold up well over time and can cause reduced signals and interruptions. Additionally, be sure to keep your firmware up-to-date and set strong passwords for your network to avoid any unauthorized usage and network breach. Lastly, make sure you have a good, stable WiFi network by partnering with a reputable service provider like TP-Link.

With the anticipated increased demand for WiFi connections, TP-Link offers businesses the ability to boost their network just in time for the reopening. Our enterprise network solution, Omada SDN, provides a wide variety of networking devices specifically designed for different types of business, even for outdoor and high-density environments. The Omada product series includes routers that can help improve network performance and enhance connectivity and Wi-Fi 6-powered access points that offer different speeds and coverage areas. These business solutions will allow businesses to meet customer demands and provide better services and customer experiences. To learn more about Omada SDN and our business networking solutions, visit https://www.tp-link.com/ca/business-networking/ or contact us through sales.ca@tp-link.com.

Denise De Albuquerque

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