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Why companies use VPN and why your business should too

By Denise De Albuquerque

When it comes to network performance and security, businesses may indeed have a lot of things to think about. However, one crucial aspect of security that is often overlooked is using a virtual private network (VPN). Several types of VPN are meant for different uses but for businesses, a VPN allows users to securely access a company's network even when they are away from the office. It connects devices to a remote server, allowing employees to work from home or on the go. It has been one of the best and most affordable security tools widely available, yet some companies don't understand a VPN or why they should use one. So here are the advantages of using a VPN and why your business—whether big or small—should consider having one.

A VPN ensures that your data is secure no matter what device or connection you and your team members use.

With so many devices and connections being used in modern organizations, they must be adequately monitored and protected. A VPN ensures that your data is secure no matter what device or connection your team uses. So whether it's your sales executive on the phone talking with clients over Skype, an admin staff writing email responses or Zoom meetings attended by your team members around the world, you can rest assured that VPN protects every data transmitted within your network.

A VPN is a low-cost network security solution, especially for small to medium businesses.

It creates an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the VPN server, protecting your data from external threats. While a VPN is not a substitute for a comprehensive security solution, it can already provide a substantial layer of protection for all those data transmitted during normal workday operations of your business. It also ensures your network cannot be intercepted by outside parties such as hackers or malware infections on company devices.

A VPN can be integrated seamlessly into an existing network structure.

Setting up a VPN can be a complex process. But if you already have an existing network structure as a foundation, it can allow a seamless integration into your current network structure. The benefit is that you can easily connect multiple devices into a secure remote network without needing and spending on additional hardware.

A VPN is highly scalable, and it grows with your business.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your business data, VPN is a vital tool to have. It can be easily scaled up or down as needed to meet the demands of your business, so you won't have to worry about substantial investment costs. Whether you're just starting and need a basic VPN setup or looking for a more sophisticated solution, many suitable options are available to cater to your requirements.

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Denise De Albuquerque

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