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How Seamless Roaming enhances mobility in healthcare environments

By Chris Pacheco

The ability to move freely without losing connectivity is crucial for healthcare professionals. Seamless Roaming refers to the uninterrupted connection transfer as medical staff move between different areas within a healthcare facility. It ensures that doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can seamlessly transition between wireless access points without experiencing any disruptions in their network connectivity. Traditional network setups often struggle to provide this level of uninterrupted roaming, leading to frustrations and delays for medical staff.

Benefits for medical staff and patient care

The benefits of Seamless Roaming are twofold: improved efficiency for medical staff and enhanced patient care. By eliminating connectivity disruptions, medical professionals can focus on delivering their services without wasting time on network interruptions or reconnection processes. This leads to greater efficiency in accessing patient records, collaborating with colleagues and communicating with patients. As a result, patient care is improved and healthcare providers can deliver faster, more effective treatment and services.

Omada SDN offers enhanced mobility in healthcare

Omada offers a comprehensive networking solution best suited for healthcare environments. Its key features facilitate a seamless transition between access points, providing medical staff with consistent connectivity throughout the facility. Additionally, Omada's centralized network management ensures a cohesive and optimized roaming experience, making it easier to navigate the network effortlessly.

Seamless Roaming through Omada Access Points

Access points’ role is to provide reliable and seamless connectivity within a business network infrastructure. Omada offers a range of access points capable of Seamless Roaming and can meet the unique needs of healthcare facilities.

Here are some Omada access points that are well-suited for healthcare settings:

EAP773 Ceiling Mount Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 Access Point

This access point is designed to provide comprehensive WiFi coverage throughout the entire facility. Wi-Fi 7 offers high-performance connectivity for medical staff, guests and administrative personnel. Its ceiling-mount design ensures optimal coverage and minimizes interference, making it an ideal choice for healthcare environments.

EAP655-Wall Wall Plate Wi-Fi 6 Access Point

The EAP655-Wall is designed to be an unobtrusive and convenient access point for hospital rooms. Its wall plate design allows for easy installation by replacing existing wall plates and providing WiFi connectivity in each room. With Wi-Fi 6 technology, this access point delivers faster speeds and increased capacity, supporting the demands of modern healthcare applications.


Healthcare facilities often have outdoor areas that require WiFi coverage, such as gardens or parking lots. The EAP650-Outdoor is designed to withstand challenging outdoor environments while providing seamless connectivity. Its weatherproof design ensures reliable performance even in harsh outdoor conditions. Medical staff can confidently move between indoor and outdoor areas, maintaining a continuous and uninterrupted connection for their mobile devices.

With the wide range of Omada access points specially tailored for healthcare environments, healthcare facilities can deploy a comprehensive network infrastructure that supports Seamless Roaming and provides reliable connectivity for medical staff, ultimately improving efficiency and enhancing patient care. Visit https://www.tp-link.com/ca/business-networking/ or email us at sales.ca@tp-link.com to learn more.

Chris Pacheco

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