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Getting secure and reliable WiFi in every classroom

By Denise De Albuquerque

In a world where students can access information from anywhere, schools nowadays must have reliable WiFi connections in their classrooms. To achieve this, administrators must consider not just the cost but, most importantly, the performance, security, scalability, and flexibility when setting up a wireless network in any school environment. The implementation process should also be planned carefully since it involves complex technical configurations such as encryption protocols. Additionally, the network must be designed to meet the needs of both teachers and students without compromising security or performance.

Introducing Omada SDN: the secure and reliable wireless networking solution for schools

Omada is an enterprise-grade WiFi solution designed specifically for schools. It provides fast speeds with better coverage so every student can always be connected without interruption or latency issues. Moreover, Omada makes managing wireless networks easier by offering powerful cloud-based control management tools such as user authentication, device scheduling, bandwidth control and more, which can monitor user activity and ensure secure access to the school's network resources.

The benefits of deploying Omada SDN in schools

Omada can give students access to high-speed internet, allowing them to use online resources and collaborate with peers on projects. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for expensive cabling infrastructure that can be difficult to manage. Omada also enables administrators to quickly set up and manage multiple networks within their institution while ensuring all users have secure access to the internet.

Faster speeds and better coverage

An Omada-powered WiFi system can provide fast speeds and strong coverage throughout your school’s premises. Its range of high-performance access points allows it to deliver greater bandwidth than traditional routers or range extenders. Additionally, its seamless roaming feature is designed for users on the same network to connect with any available access points without manually logging in. With these advanced technologies, students can enjoy accessing the internet at superior and uninterrupted speeds.

Easy setup and cloud-based management tools

Setting up Omada is easy with its intuitive interface that guides users step by step through the installation process. Its powerful cloud-based controller makes it easy to manage users and devices connected to the network from anywhere at any given time. This allows administrators to instantly adjust settings and ensure that only authorized users can access specific parts of the network.

Enhanced security features

School systems must secure student data and protect against malicious actors accessing sensitive information. With Omada’s advanced encryption protocols and comprehensive security features, such as user privacy protection and WPA3 encryption protocol, your school’s network will remain safe from potential threats.

On-demand scalability and flexibility

As technological requirements change over time, so too must your network infrastructure be able to adapt quickly. With Omada, you can easily scale up or down your school network as needed. It can give you complete flexibility over how many devices you need to be connected to at any given time without having to worry about reconfiguring your whole system again each time changes occur.

With Omada's enterprise-grade WiFi solution specifically designed for schools, educational institutions can now easily set up reliable and secure wireless networks in every classroom. Its advanced technologies enable maximum performance while offering easy setup options, powerful management tools, and data protection features. To learn more, visit https://www.tp-link.com/ca/business-networking/ or send us an email at sales.ca@tp-link.com.

Denise De Albuquerque

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