TP-Link Classified as a Class A Management Enterprise of China Customs.Congratulations!

TP-Link is now proud to be classified as a Class A management enterprise of China Customs.

Awarded as a Class A management enterprise of China Customs, TP-Link has proved itself and has recognition from the government for its fast development, excellent operations and managerial performances.

China Customs divides related enterprises into five management categories, which are; AA, A, B, C and D, through evaluation in light of enterprises’ level of compliance with laws, regulations, Customs rules and relevant anti-corruption provisions.

Operational and managerial performance records are kept within the strict compliant process of Customs control and Customs statistics before they can make the results public.

To be classified as a Class A management enterprise, the enterprise must meet a series of requirements based on the following: The total import and export volume, the error rate of import and export declaration, well-developed accounting system, operation performance, credit records, etc.

Once classified as a Class A management enterprise, enterprises can enjoy a vast amount of convenient services for Customs clearance purposes. They can get more benefits from the normal customs formalities which are prior to others such as, Pre-declaration or declaration of goods before arrival is allowed, clearance during non-working days or holidays, goods which are imported and exported by Class A enterprises can also enjoy a faster service through clearance ahead of others. The formalities related to the processing trade are also given priority.

There is no doubt that the benefits and convenient services will greatly boost the international business of TP-Link. Furthermore, Class A management enterprises can be classified as a Class AA one year later providing they meet further related requirements. TP-Link is dedicated to becoming a Class AA management enterprise. There are great chances that TP-Link will become one of the very few enterprises of Class AA enterprises within Shenzhen next year, which means more benefits for TP-Link, such as inspection –free for the goods.