How to determine if a USB hard drive is compatible with TP-Link routers?

Since there are too many USB Flash Drive / HDDDrive from different manufacturers in the market, it is hard to make our routers compatible with all the devices.
Before troubleshooting, please make sure that the hard drive works fine when it is connected directly to your computer.
The below are four requirements of the supported USB hard drive.
1. The hard drive formats
Currently, the FAT/FAT32/NTFS format is supported and some models like C8/C9/C2600/P5 also support exfat/hfs+. However, it does not support ext3, which is a Linux partition format
2. Capacity
Supports at most eight partitions in theory, if the hard drive has more than eight partitions, it just load the first 8 partitions. (On the same drive, the total capacity of each partition cannot exceed 2TB on WR842、WR1043、WDR3500、WDR3600、WDR4300; If there are different hard drives connected via an USB hub, in theory it can identify a maximum capacity of 8 * 2TB.Similarly, the other models with USB function like archer routers, the total capacity of each partition of usb drive cannot exceed 5TB )

3. Encryption
For the hard drive encrypted by hardware, it can only be loaded after decryption.
4. Additional Power Adapter
If your HDD Drive needs a power supply more than 500mA, but it does not have an additional power adapter, then this hard drive can not work properly with our routers since ours only provide 500mA power supply on the USB port.

If your hard drive meets all the above points, but still cannot be recognised, then it must be a incompatibility issue between your USB device and the router.
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