TP-Link® Introduces A Series of New PoE Switches for Empowering Business Growth

    TP-Link®, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, intensively launches a series of new PoE switches, from Unmanaged PoE switches to L2+ Managed PoE switches.

    Demands for PoE are expected to significantly expand over the coming years. TP-Link has been developing different kinds of PoE switches to meet the needs of different scenarios. A wide range of 100 Mbps, gigabit and multi-gig PoE products provide more flexible deployment and cost-effective options for fixed devices like IP cameras, access points, and IP phones.

    Affordable Solutions Designed for Surveillance

    For general surveillance, TP-Link PoE switches with 10/100 Mbps ports are sufficient to meet the requirements of IPC. TP-Link’s 100 Mbps PoE switches are designed to address specific SMB surveillance needs and satisfy the demands of most IP cameras. Many robust features like Extend Mode, Priority Mode, and Isolation Mode provide value well beyond basic networking needs, creating a versatile and reliable surveillance network to grow your business.

    • 250 m PoE Transmission. With Extend Mode, PoE supports data and power transmissions up to 250 m away—perfect for surveillance camera deployment in large areas.
    • One-Click Priority Mode. Guarantees the quality of sensitive applications like video monitoring in critical business areas by prioritizing the data of certain ports.
    • One-Click Traffic Separation. Isolation Mode easily divides traffic for downlink ports to avoid  snooping and tampering and isolates broadcast storm for higher security and performance.
    • Silent Operation. Desktop switches’ fanless design deliver zero added noise in their locations. Rackmount switches automatically adjust their built-in fans to balance power consumption with sound reduction in noise-sensitive locations.

    Gigabit Switching Solutions for Growing SMBs

    TP-Link’s gigabit Unmanaged and Easy Smart PoE switches offer more efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet the various needs of access points, surveillance, VoIP, and other applications.

    • PoE Auto Recovery. Automatically reboots your dropped or unresponsive PoE-powered devices.
    • Easy to Use. Simply plug and play with a setup that requires no software or configuration.
    • Energy Efficient. Consumes less power and lowers energy bills with Green Tech.

    Managed Switches with Cloud Access for Business Networking

    Managed switches integrating Omada SDN (Software Defined Networking) provide 100% centralized cloud management to create highly scalable networks. Seamless wireless and wired connections are provided—ideal for hospitality, education, retail, office, and more.

    • Cloud Centralized Management. Fully manage your whole network from different sites—all controlled from a single interface anywhere, anytime.
    • Zero-Touch Provisioning*. Remotely deploy and configure multi-site networks to ensure efficient deployment at a lower cost.
    • Easy Network Monitoring. The Omada app and intuitive Web UI make it easy to check your real-time network status and traffic distribution.
    • 2.5 GE PoE for WiFi 6**. 2.5 GE Ports support the bandwidth needs of Wi-Fi 6 access points.

    TP-Link has been dedicated to developing products what people need, and the PoE switches are always ready to give you a more convenient experience. Tell us your needs and leave the rest to us.


    About TP-Link

    TP-Link is a global innovator and provider of consumer and SMB networking products and the world's No. 1 provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices*** with products available in over 120 countries to hundreds of millions of customers. Committed to intensive R&D, efficient production, and strict quality management, TP-Link continues to provide award-winning networking products in wireless routers, cable/DSL gateways, powerline adapters, range extenders, cloud cameras, smart home devices, and accessories for global end-users. For small and medium business customers, TP-Link endeavors to provide stable Business WiFi solutions along with reliable enterprise switches and routers.

    *Zero-Touch Provisioning requires the use of the Omada Cloud-Based Controller.

    **Not all PoE Switches support this feature. Please refer to the product pages for details.

    ***According to IDC Worldwide Quarterly WLAN Tracker Report, Q1 2020 Release. Based on units shipped.

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