TP-Link Builds Wall-to-Wall WiFi for Student Accommodation in Thailand



Name: K.Ruangvich

Industry: Accommodation

Capacity: 430 Rooms, 8 Floors

Location: Nakhon Pathom, Thailand


Used Products

• Jetstream Switches

30× T2600G-28MPS

• Omada Access Points

435× EAP225-Wall

10× EAP225-Outdoor

28× EAP245

• Omada Controller

Omada Software Controller



The Muse Kamphaeng Saen, a premium level accommodation designed for university students, provides a variety of well-furnished rooms with comprehensive facilities for all residents. There are three types of apartment rooms, type A studio of 30 sqm, type B 2-bed room of 45 sqm, and triple bedroom of 30 sqm.

The Muse aims to create a feeling of domestic harmony by offering lots of shared space such as swimming pools, fitness centers, co-learning spaces, and parking lots for 170 cars ang 500 motorcycles. The suite rooms are equipped with air conditioners, smart TVs, refrigerators, and other basic furniture. To guarantee the safety of the student dormitory, more than 140 CCTV cameras had been installed in public areas. Students are expected to live a comfortable and convenient life here.



The Muse had a new dormitory under construction and turned to TP-Link for support of building reliable networks that would meet the following requirements:

  • Stable wired and wireless networks to all the students and employees.
  • Complete WiFi coverage in all areas of every suite room, indoor space, and outdoor area.
  • Easy centralized software management such as Bandwidth Control and User Management.
  • Convenient equipment maintenance and simplified deployment.
  • Secure WiFi access along with multiple authentication options.



For the new dormitory, TP-Link provided a suitable solution with both high performance and effective costs.


Network Deployment

PoE Switches were chosen for this project as they can transfer data and power via a single cable, simplifying the deployment and saving infrastructure cost. The Omada EAP Series also supports PoE for flexible installation. There is no need to install additional wiring in the building. Simply plug in your existing Ethernet cables and all is set.

Full WiFi Coverage

Various shapes of Omada EAPs blend in different scenarios perfectly, extending the network to all areas. A wall plate EAP in each room allows students to enjoy their own private WiFi network with strong signals and corner-to-corner coverage. Ceiling-mount and outdoor EAPs cover all the indoor and outdoor public areas to ensure an uninterrupted user experience.

Network Management

All EAPs are managed centrally by the Omada Software Controller. It offers free cloud access to organize the internet easily, so IT staff can keep track of the network status anywhere, anytime.

Wireless Network Authentication

Multiple authentication options are provided such as Facebook WiFi, SMS, and Voucher to ensure safe WiFi access and secure network activities. IT staff can classify employees and students via voucher codes, login accounts, or other verified information.



Staff members of The Muse and the students living in the dormitory are satisfied with TP-Link’s solution.

In total, they:

  • Enjoy the convenience of high-speed networks on various types of WiFi devices, including laptops, phones, and iPads, improving their work and study efficiency.
  • Have more entertainment activities during their free time, such as video streaming or immersive gaming.
  • Keep in contact with their family via voice or video chatting when living away from their home.
  • Enjoy an optimized network experience and pay less attention to network maintenance or troubleshooting.

Through this project, TP-Link has improved its brand awareness in business services with one-stop solutions and impressive product quality. The clients are more aware of TP-Link’s product capability, accumulated experiences, and deep local expertise to fulfill business demands. Opportunities for future cooperation are expected.


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