How to configure free authentication policy on EAP Controller

Free Authentication Policy often works with Portal function. When Portal function (especially external web Portal) is enabled on EAP Controller, administrator can configure Free Authentication Policy, which will permit specific clients to access specific resources even before authentication.


If the clients want to have full access to other resources, for instant, Internet, they should pass through the Portal authentication firstly.


Step 1

Please log in to the EAP Controller software and click -> Wireless Control->Free Authentication, then click “Add”.

Then the below interface will pop up:


Step 2

Set a “Policy Name” as you like (Here we take “policy1” as an example).


Step 3

Input an IP address/IP Range to Source IP Range which can access to the specified resources (Here we input to Source IP Range).


Step 4

Input an IP address/IP Range to Destination IP Range which can be accessed by the specified clients (Here we input to Destination IP Range). Note that the “Variable Length Subnet Mask” is available.



The Source IP Range and Destination IP Range is optional. If you leave it as blank it means any IP will be allowed.


Step 5

Source MAC is optional, please leave it empty otherwise the Source IP Range won’t take effect. Besides, Destination Port is also optional, and you may ignore it which means all ports can be accessed. Here we set it as 80 which means only 80 port can be accessed.


Step 6

Click Enable to enable this policy. Then click “Apply” to finish it.


After the above settings the clients in the subnet of can access the web server on without authentication.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

This Article Suits for:
EAP245 , EAP220 , EAP115
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